With AWS Glue, you pay an hourly rate, billed by the second, for crawlers (discovering data) and ETL jobs (processing and loading data). For the AWS Glue Data Catalog, you pay a simple monthly fee for storing and accessing the metadata. The first million objects stored are free, and the first million accesses are free. If you provision a development endpoint to interactively develop your ETL code, you pay an hourly rate, billed per second. For AWS Glue DataBrew, the interactive sessions are billed per session and the DataBrew jobs are billed per minute. Usage of the AWS Glue Schema registry is offered at no additional charge.

Note: Pricing can vary by region.

  • ETL jobs and development endpoints
  • Pricing examples

    ETL job: Consider an AWS Glue Apache Spark job that runs for 15 minutes and uses 6 DPU. The price of 1 DPU-Hour is $0.44. Since your job ran for 1/4th of an hour and used 6 DPUs, AWS will bill you 6 DPU * 1/4 hour * $0.44, or $0.66.

    AWS Glue Studio Job Notebooks and Interactive Sessions: Suppose you use a notebook in AWS Glue Studio to interactively develop your ETL code. An Interactive Session has 5 DPU by default. If you keep the session running for 24 minutes or 2/5th of an hour, you will be billed for 5 DPUs * 2/5 hour at $0.44 per DPU-Hour or $0.88.

    ML Transforms: Similar to AWS Glue jobs runs, the cost of running ML Transforms, including FindMatches on your data will vary based on the size of your data, the content of your data, and the number and types of nodes that you use. In the following example, we used FindMatches to integrate points of interest information from multiple data sources. With a data set size of ~11,000,000 rows (1.6GB), a size of Label data (examples of true matches or true no-matches) of ~8,000 rows (641kb), running on 16 instances of type G.2x, then you would have a labelset generation runtime of 34 minutes at a cost of $8.23, a metrics estimation runtime of 11 minutes at a cost of $2.66, and a FindingMatches job execution runtime of 32 minutes at a cost of $7.75.

  • Data Catalog storage and requests
  • Pricing examples

    AWS Glue Data Catalog free tier: Let’s consider that you store a million tables in your AWS Glue Data Catalog in a given month and make a million requests to access these tables. You pay $0 because your usage will be covered under the AWS Glue Data Catalog free tier. You can store the first million objects and make a million requests per month for free.

    AWS Glue Data Catalog: Now consider your storage usage remains the same at one million tables per month, but your requests double to two million requests per month. Let’s say you also use crawlers to find new tables and they run for 30 minutes and consume 2 DPUs.

    Your storage cost is still $0, as the storage for your first million tables is free. Your first million requests are also free. You will be billed for one million requests above the free tier, which is $1. Crawlers are billed at $0.44 per DPU-Hour, so you will pay for 2 DPUs * 1/2 hour at $0.44 per DPU-Hour or $0.44. This is a total monthly bill of $1.44.

  • Crawlers
  • DataBrew interactive sessions
  • Pricing examples

    AWS Glue DataBrew: The price for each 30 minutes interactive session is $1.00. If you start a session at 9:00AM, immediately leave the console, and return from 9:20-9:30AM, this will utilize 1 session for a total of $1.00.

    If you start a session at 9:00AM and interact with the DataBrew console until 9:50AM, exit the DataBrew project space, and come back to make your final interaction at 10:15AM, this will utilize 3 sessions and you will be billed $1.00 per session for a total of $3.00.

  • DataBrew jobs
  • Pricing examples

    AWS Glue DataBrew: If an AWS Glue DataBrew job runs for 10 minutes and consumes 5 AWS Glue DataBrew nodes, the price will be $0.40. Because your job ran for 1/6th of an hour and consumed 5 nodes, you will be billed 5 nodes * 1/6 hour * $0.48 per node hour for a total of $0.40.

Note: Pricing can vary by region. 

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