Attend this day-long workshop for U.S. Federal government and Department of Defense IT professionals, architects and administrators and learn how to architect for NIST and FedRAMP High in AWS GovCloud (US), and address regulated workloads in the cloud. This workshop helps participants map NIST requirements to cloud architecture best practices and it provides hands-on experience with AWS NIST Quick Start tools that can help fast track the FedRAMP ATO process. Learn more about fast tracking compliance with one click, with AWS Quick Starts. View the demo video on AWS NIST Quick Starts.

Register and learn how to leverage Telos Xacta software tools to manage IT risk and perform continuous compliance monitoring and ongoing authorization. Also learn how to combine AWS controls with Trend Micro Deep Security best practices that protect workloads while simplifying NIST adoption and compliance automation.

Learning Objectives:
• Build confidence in the security processes and technical approaches to creating compliant systems in the cloud
• Increase awareness of compliance automation, CI/CD, and its ability to secure and authorize systems in the cloud
• Detail the core components of the FedRAMP High Package
• Create familiarity with the tools to make your job easier while increasing the security posture of your systems
• Have fun. Security and compliance doesn’t have to be boring or difficult

Pre-Requesites: This workshop is designed for those with moderate to advanced understanding of cloud technologies and security. All attendees must bring their own laptop in order to access the AWS console, create an AWS account, and participate in the optional, hands-on AWS Quick Start training.

Workshop Dates & Locations and Registration Options are Below.

9:15am PROGRAM BEGINS: AWS 101 All About Cloud Computing
10:00am Security “of” the Cloud (deep dive and discussion)
10:45am BREAK
11:00am Security “in” the Cloud (deep dive and discussion) 
12:00pm Working Lunch & Tool Demonstration (Deep Security, Telos)
12:45pm Enterprise Acelerator for Compliance
1:30pm BREAK
1:45PM NIST High - Trend Micro Deep Security Discussion
2:45pm Automating Compliance with Telos Xacta
3:45pm BREAK + Optional hands on with NIST Quick Start Tools
4:45pm Demonstration: Automating Compliance with Alexa (Amazon Echo)
5:00pm End of Session: Happy Hour