Platforms & Partners

Customers have the flexibility to deploy smart city solutions by using a partner solution on AWS or by deploying individual solutions on AWS to meet particular needs.

Cities drive measureable change on solutions made possible by our innovative partners in the AWS Partner Network. Uniquely positioned to help cities grow and scale their efforts in the cloud, partners build the foundational framework for AWS’s capabilities to transform citizen services. For example, SecureAppbox used AWS to tackle the refugee crisis in Europe. They needed to build a service to find homes for the tens of thousands of children displaced in Sweden. Dealing with sensitive data, SecureAppbox chose AWS for security and scale to launch a national platform in just eight weeks.

SecureAppbox Uses AWS to Build a Secure Platform to Aid Young Refugees

Use cases


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Through connected devices and intelligent analytics, Miovision empowers more than 17,000 municipalities in 50 countries to make cities smarter by improving transportation capacity, safety, cost-effectiveness, and performance.


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SecureAppbox uses AWS to build a secure platform to aid young refugees.



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MirrorWeb uses AWS to archive government websites and social media.


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OpenDataSoft provides a turnkey SaaS platform that can launch comprehensive data portals in hours.