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There are many challenges facing digital government transformation such as budget and capability constraints, privacy and security, policy bottlenecks and bureaucratic inertia, digital exclusion and divide, transitioning government staff to new roles and the lack of competition.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps the UK and Ireland government, education, and nonprofit customers to create a government transformation strategy by using the right tools, defining the processes and governance, and providing guidance on agile delivery, new technologies and procurement.

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The Cloud Transformation Maturity Model offers a guideline to help organizations develop an effective strategy for their cloud adoption journey. This model defines characteristics that determine the stage of maturity, transformation activities within each stage that must be completed to move to the next stage, and outcomes that are achieved across four stages of organizational maturity, including project, foundation, migration, and optimization.
Where are you on your journey?

Learn how to deploy a cloud architecture supporting NCSC and CIS for UK-OFFICIAL workloads. The "UK-OFFICIAL on AWS" Quick Start guide sets up a standardized AWS Cloud environment that supports workloads that are classified as United Kingdom (UK) OFFICIAL.This data classification is associated with guidance and controls that help public sector organisations manage risks and ensure security when handling information assets.

Deploy a cloud architecture supporting NCSC and CIS for UK-OFFICIAL workloads

The AWS environment built by the Quick Start aligns with the following guidelines that fall in scope with UK-OFFICIAL:

  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Cloud Security Principles
  • Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls

The Quick Start template automatically configures the AWS resources and deploys a multi-tier, Linux-based web application in a few simple steps, in about 30 minutes. The security controls matrix shows how the Quick Start components map to NCSC and CIS security requirements. Get started »

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