AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp Member Tier

Giving public sector startups a head start

The Member Tier supports startups that are post-revenue but still under $10M in annual recurring revenue and focused on solving public sector challenges. The Member Tier provides startups with technology guidance to build the right solution, affordable access to infrastructure where they can build this solution, business guidance to understand and access their market strategically, and to accelerate their go-to-market (GTM) strategy. Public sector startups who participate in AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp may be granted AWS Promotional Credit that allow them to explore AWS technology and build the foundation of their solution.

AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp Member Tier benefits

AWS Promotional

AWS Promotional Credit


Technical training


Live events

Select marketing

Select marketing opportunities

AWS Startup Ramp Member Tier eligibility criteria

  • The local country must recognize the applicant organization as a startup by the local country, if there are specific criteria and government approvals required to be an official startup.
  • Applicant organization must:
    • Have a mission to solve problems for public sector customers in the geographical region;
    • Be based in the country this program is approved for;
    • Been founded within the past ten years.
  • Applicant organization’s annual revenue should not exceed $10M USD (exceptions can be made as per country’s startup definition).
  • Applicant must have active customers in public sector or should prove that their solution is applicable to these set of customers and is ready to begin their public sector GTM strategy.
  • Applicant’s product must have been built on AWS or they agree to migrate to AWS by opening an account directly tied to the business domain, if they want to leverage Member Tier benefits.
  • Applicant organization must register a descriptive website with a matching domain email address.
  • Applicant organization must agree to open an AWS account directly tied to the business domain.

If approved, applicant organization may be required to execute an Amazon Marketing Authorization and Release form and have the ability to disseminate references for their work publicly via papers, events, or other public relations activities; requirements are based on regional restrictions

Public Sector Startup Ramp Member Tier Startup application process

Complete the Public Sector Startup Ramp Interest form and submit your application to be considered for participation in the AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp program. AWS awards AWS Promotional Credit at the discretion of AWS. Award criteria may include but is not limited to: the impact of the project, use of AWS services, and the ability to reference the work publicly via papers, events, or public relations activities. Approved applicants will be notified by email, usually within ten to twelve business days. The information you provide in the AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp application is subject to the AWS Privacy Notice. Your use of AWS services in connection with your participation in the AWS Public Sector Startup Ramp program is subject to the AWS Customer Agreement or other agreements governing your use of AWS services.

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