Healthcare Whitepapers

Architecting for HIPAA security and compliance on AWS

This paper briefly outlines how companies can use Amazon Web Services to power HIPAA-compliant information processing systems.

Cloud-based analytics: Supporting healthcare's digital transformation

This whitepaper provides a high-level overview of recent trends in healthcare analytics, including current adoption of cloud-based solutions among healthcare providers and an outlook on the future.

Healthcare's future is in the cloud

This whitepaper outlines several industry thought leaders' views on how cloud technology will be applied in healthcare.

Achieving simplified hybrid IT in healthcare

To balance the need to protect healthcare data with the desire to innovate quickly, hospitals and insurance payers look to embrace hybrid IT solutions that maintain control over existing network environments while using that same VMware virtualization technology to extend these networks to the AWS Cloud.  

Three ways the cloud can help manage healthcare's digital data tsunami

Dale C. Wiggins, GM of Philips' HealthSuite Digital Platform, discusses how the cloud helps in healthcare data management.

How to enable patient-centered healthcare innovations with the cloud

Laurent Rotival from Cambia Health Solutions discussions how the AWS Cloud plays a role in Cambia's innovation strategy.

eBook- Next-Gen BI for healthcare organizations

In this eBook, learn the advantages of AWS for next-gen business intelligence in healthcare and life sciences. This includes services that allow customers to build solutions that align with all major global compliance frameworks.

Three reasons your IT infrastructure is more secure in the cloud

An interview with Matt Ferrari, CTO of APN Partner ClearDATA, on improving your healthcare security posture via deployment in the AWS Cloud.

eBook- Compliance for healthcare organizations with AWS

AWS provides a global infrastructure platform for building and maintaining cloud-based solutions for HIPAA and other regulated workloads.

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Healthcare Reference Architectures

Philips Connected Medical Devices in the Cloud
ZocDoc- From Monolith, to Less Than 100 ms
Building VMware Cloud on AWS

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