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You can use AWS to build applications that are compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). If you plan to run applications that have protected health information as defined by HIPAA, your AWS representative can provide you with our Business Associate Agreement (BAA).


Claritas Genomics, a spin off of Boston Children's Hospital, is a clinical lab running without a data center.

You can use any AWS service in your HIPAA-compliant applications. However, only HIPAA-eligible services can be used to process, store, and transmit protected health information. The current list of HIPAA-eligible services are as follows:

Amazon DynamoDB
NoSQL database

Elastic Load Balancing
Automated application traffic distribution

Amazon RDS
Relational database (Amazon Aurora, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL engines only)



AWS Snowball
Petabyte-scale data transport solution



Amazon EBS
Persistent block-level storage volumes

Amazon EMR
Managed big data framework

Amazon Redshift
Fully managed data warehouse solution

Amazon EC2
Resizable compute capacity in the cloud

Amazon Glacier
Secure, durable, data archiving

Amazon S3
Secure, highly-scalable object storage

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