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Kai Hendry

Kai Hendry is the founder of Webconverger, a company and open source project of the same name, supplier of Web kiosk and signage software since 2007. After graduating from the University of Helsinki with a Master's degree in Computer Science in 2005, he travelled and worked around the world to discover insecure Web kiosks in Internet cafes and public spaces. On return to England, he engineered a secure Web kiosk operating system based on Debian and maintained it on weekends whilst in fulltime employment working upon Web technologies.

Over time, Webconverger's popularity grew and by the end of his tenure in the telecommunication's industry he decided move to Singapore, get married and focus on his company. Now a successful small business, Webconverger provides reliable management service for Web kiosks using AWS services such as S3 with Route 53 fail over.

Kai is an active member of the maker community in Singapore, usually found working from Hackerspace.SG, helping with the local AWS User Group Singapore Meetup group and organizing the Singapore Hack and Tell chapter.

Solutions Architect-Associate