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Minyoung Jeong, a key engineer of The Beatpacking Company, has been a well-known speaker in the developer communities of Naver Deview and Pycon Korea. He was a senior developer of Me2day, a Korean social network service acquired by Naver, the #1 Korean search service in 2008.

He played key roles in setting up the AWS Korea User Group on Facebook in 2012, after a meeting with Dr. Werner Vogels and working with us to organize AWS User Group onsite seminars. He has helped the AWS Korea User Group reach over 4,300 members on Facebook through community-based Q&A and discussions The group has held quarterly off-line seminars which help AWS users connect with each other.

The Beatpacking Company is the mobile music app maker of Beat, which aims to bring Kpop to a global audience through streaming media. Its music player application helps users listen to music on their smartphones and make mixes by finding their favorite songs. It utilizes AWS Cloudfront, S3 and EC2 for free streaming service. In the company’s first seven months it grew to over one million subscribers. In the past seven months it has increased its audience by 300% month to month.

Minyoung likes programming on Python, Ruby, Scala, DevOps on cloud and is interested in small open source projects for AWS management.