AWS is comprised of users whose enthusiasm has created a vibrant community worldwide. Amongst those are AWS experts who go above and beyond to share their experience and knowledge through social media, events, user groups and workshops. These developers are known as Community Heroes.

AWS Community Heroes is a program designed to recognize and honor our most engaged developers who’ve had a real impact within our community. To learn more about these amazing individuals, view their profiles here.



Community Heroes are mentors and super users. Creators, writers or speakers who routinely provide high quality and impactful content to our developer community worldwide. Some examples of the type of activity they are engaged in:

  • Writing blog posts, news articles, books or technical documentation
  • Being a content creator by posting tutorials, podcasts and videos
  • Contributing to the AWS developer community with open source projects, code samples, etc
  • Running community events such as user groups, hackathons, workshops and more
  • Speaking at events worldwide

The key characteristics of an AWS Community Hero are:

  • Enthusiasm – An individual who regularly participates and engages the community.
  • Expertise – Being an expert in AWS and staying on top of trends.
  • Leadership – Building relationships and strengthening ties within our community.

We are always on the lookout for the next group of AWS Community Heroes. If you'd like to be considered for the AWS Community Heroes program, make sure you're contributing and sharing with our community.

Heroes contribute by answering questions in our forums or sites like StackOverflow. They submit code or projects to places like GitHub. They share their knowledge and expetise in person at conferences, user groups, etc. They write blogs, publish books and continually look for ways to engage
 with the AWS Community.

Questions about our program? Contact us at