On Amazon EC2 you can run many of the proven IBM technologies with which you're already familiar. You may be eligible to bring many of your own IBM software and licenses (BYOSL) to run on Amazon EC2© see below for more information.

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If you have acquired software entitlements under IBM’s International Passport Advantage or Passport Advantage Express Agreements (collectively PA or PA Program), you may have the ability to run IBM software programs on Amazon EC2 and you will simply pay the normal Amazon EC2 hourly prices for On-Demand or Reserved Instances. You can get started via the following steps:

  1. Visit IBM's Licensing for Amazon Cloud to determine eligibility requirements for how your existing PA licenses may apply to the various EC2 instance types.
  2. Install the desired IBM software with the appropriate number of licenses on your Amazon EC2 instance.
  3. Run and manage your instance like any other Amazon EC2 instance.
  4. If you need AWS support please reference AWS Support Page for your support options. If you need support on your IBM products installed on the Amazon EC2 platform IBM will continue to deliver support directly just as it does when those licenses are deployed on customers’ premises. To request support in this BYOSL scenario, contact IBM technical support at IBM Technical Support or refer to the IBM Support Handbook.

If you are interested in purchasing a new IBM license, please visit the IBM Software Online Catalog.


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