Posted On: Apr 4, 2019

Starting today, you can now tag more WorkSpaces resources including WorkSpaces directories, images, custom bundles,and IP Access Control Groups. WorkSpaces tags allow you to easily organize your virtual desktop deployments, createcost allocation reports for billing, and enable granular access control for your WorkSpaces resources.By using tags and cost allocation reports, you can split out your bill so that it's easy to understand your costs. You canalso use tags to create IAM policies that limit access to WorkSpaces resources, allowing you to control access to the resource level without having to grant access to all resources in your WorkSpaces account. For example, you can limit anadmin in your account to only perform operations on WorkSpaces associated with certain tags.You can use the new WorkSpaces tagging features in the WorkSpaces console or API in all regions where WorkSpaces is available. To learn more about utilizing tags to manage WorkSpaces resources, please refer to our documentation and AWS Tagging Strategies.