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Amazon API Gateway Delivery Partners are AWS Partners who help customers create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure their APIs at any scale and according to best practices. They build solutions for AWS customers that handle all the tasks involved in accepting and processing up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent API calls, including traffic management, authorization and access control, monitoring, and API version management.

The AWS Service Delivery Program enables AWS customers to identify AWS Partners with experience and a deep understanding of specific AWS services. These Amazon API Gateway Delivery Partners have passed a rigorous technical validation where AWS makes sure they are following best practices with API Gateway. They also provide case studies demonstrating successful customer service delivery.

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    ClearScale explains how they built a platform that allows customers to order 'designer genes'. The platform handles 1,000 requests per gene sequence, with spiky workloads that peak 25-30% of the day.

    FADEL reduces API Generation from days to 30 minutes with Cedrus

    FADEL needed to generate, document, and expose APIs for its AWS-based Rights Cloud platform to internal and external developers. Using Cedrus’ API Czar tool, FADEL can generate APIs in 30 minutes.

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