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Amazon Q is with you as you read the AWS documentation, work in the AWS console, and even inside of your IDE. Learn about all the places you can use Amazon Q, and how to get started.

Getting started with Amazon Q Developer in Visual Studio Code

coding in cloud easy

This guide covers installing the extension for features like code completion chat, and productivity-boosting capabilities - powered by generative AI.

Getting started with Amazon Q Developer in JetBrains IDEs

In this article, you will learn how to install, configure, and use Amazon Q Developer inside your favorite IDE from JetBrains.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Using Amazon Q Developer in Your IDE

Get the most out of Amazon Q Developer in your IDE with this handy cheat sheet.

Understanding Q Personas

understanding persona

This article explains why Amazon Q behaves differently and generates varied responses, code, and troubleshooting approaches.

Designing with Q Developer

Go from idea to a concrete plan with the assistance of Amazon Q. Validate your ideas, or fill in the gaps where you aren’t sure how to build things.

Ask architectural questions

Amazon Q Developer answers cloud architecture questions

Coding with Q Developer

It’s time to write some code. Amazon Q can help you build from scratch, or make changes to an existing application.

Build On Weekly

Build On Weekly

Watch hosts unlock the various ways Amazon Q Developer can help solve your coding problems. In this episode, hosts build a Javascript app while leveraging Amazon Q's ability to understand natural language queries and provide tailored solutions. The hosts also showcase Amazon Q Business and Network troubleshooting in the AWS Console. Learn more about the weekly show.

Build On Generative AI

Build On Generative AI

Watch hosts dive deeper into Amazon Q Developer and its features to unlock the various ways the generative AI-assistant can help solve your problems in the AWS Console and in the Visual Studio Code IDE. The hosts also build a Javascript app with help of Q chat in the IDE. Learn more about the weekly show.

Adding a new API with Q Developer

Adding a new API with Q Developer

Amazon Q adds a new serverless API written in Python

Writing Python with Q Developer

fast amazon q

Write and deploy reporting scripts with Amazon Q

Frontend development with Q Developer

Building a game with Amazon Q Developer

Amazon Q helps create a frontend Vue component with drag and drop functionality

Understand confusing error messages

Amazon Q Solved

Sometimes the error message leaves you even more confused. Amazon Q offers helpful suggestions and advice.

Improve your applications with Q Developer

Every codebase needs maintenance, but how do you balance the need to develop new features against the overhead of maintaining existing features? Amazon Q can help modernize your codebase, and implement important migrations or updates. It can even help you to containerize your application.

Upgrade application code

code transformation

Amazon Q Code Transformation can perform Java application upgrades now, from version 8 and 11 to version 17

Change your application architecture

migrated using amazon q

Amazon Q assists with a database migration to OpenSearch, including Docker Compose and Terraform files

Fix distributed system consistency bugs

Building a distributed application is hard. Solve data consistency issues with Amazon Q debugging.

Understanding a complex code base with Amazon Q

Need text

Automatically write tests for your code

Automating Unit Tests with AI/Q: My Experience and What I Learned

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Get started with Amazon Q

Setup Amazon Q in your IDE

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