Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Features

Automatically scale in and out

Launch new Amazon EC2 instances seamlessly and automatically when demand increases, and terminate unneeded Amazon EC2 instances automatically and save money when demand subsides.

Choose when and how to scale

Scale dynamically based on your Amazon CloudWatch metrics, or predictably according to a schedule that you define. Receive notifications via Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to be alerted when you use Amazon CloudWatch alarms to initiate Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling actions, or when EC2 Auto Scaling completes an action.

Fleet management

Automating how your Amazon EC2 fleet is managed can help maintain the availability of your applications. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling will automatically replace unhealthy or unreachable instances to maintain higher availability of your applications. To automate fleet management for EC2 instances, EC2 Auto Scaling monitors the health of running instances, automatically replaces impaired instances, and balances capacity across Availability Zones. Learn more.

Predictive Scaling

Predictive Scaling predicts future traffic, including regularly-occurring spikes, and provisions the right number of EC2 instances in advance of predicted changes. Predictive Scaling’s machine learning algorithms detect changes in daily and weekly patterns, automatically adjusting their forecasts. This removes the need for manual adjustment of Auto Scaling parameters over time, making Auto Scaling simpler to configure and consume. Auto Scaling enhanced with Predictive Scaling delivers faster, simpler, and more accurate capacity provisioning resulting in lower cost and more responsive applications.

Support for multiple purchase models, instance types, and AZs

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling lets you provision and automatically scale instances across purchase options, Availability Zones (AZ), and instance families in a single application to optimize scale, performance, and cost. You can include Spot Instances with On-Demand and RIs in a single Auto Scaling group (ASG), to save up to 90% on compute. Read the Blog »

Included with Amazon EC2

If you’re signed up for the Amazon EC2 service, you’re already registered to use Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling and can begin using the feature via the API or command line interface.

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