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How Iveco Group is Driving Transformation

A conversation with Iveco Group Global Head of Digital and Advanced Technology Fabrizio Conicella

From reducing costs for vehicle fleet owners to improving driver safety and supporting a more sustainable planet, Iveco Group is driving transformation with a customer obsessed approach to innovation. Hear Fabrizio Conicella, Iveco Group Head of Digital and Advanced Technology, Giulia Rossi, AWS EMEA Digital Innovation Programs Lead, and Paolo Cimadoro, AWS Enterprise Account Manager share how this global automotive leader and AWS aligned around key principles and processes to develop groundbreaking services in the vehicle industry.  

A customer-obsessed approach to innovation

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Iveco Group is a multifunctional company that makes, builds, and designs light, medium, and heavy trucks, as well as buses, powertrain units, and speciality vehicles. Their disruptive approach to innovation not only helps them support their customers, who aim to reduce the total cost of vehicle ownership, but they also enable a more sustainable society.

In 2019, Iveco embarked on a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), applying our Working Backwards mechanism to their approach to innovation — starting with driver pain points and working backwards to identify potential solutions before designing a pilot. To address driver challenges and improve their experience, Iveco launched their driver assistant, Driver Pal, which is integrated with Alexa to improve driver comfort, safety, productivity, and communication. 

Before, we were working with a reactive approach because we were not using data. Now, thanks to data collected from the field, algorithms, and artificial intelligence we can use data to generate triggers and anticipate a breakdown so we can reduce downtime for our customers.“

Leveraging data from their connected vehicles, Iveco developed services with the objectives of:

  • Reducing energy and fuel consumption
  • Using predictive analytics to reduce downtime
  • Increasing vehicle comfort, safety, and automation
  • Helping customers increase productivity

Real-time analytics reduce vehicle downtime

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Improving vehicle uptime is important to fleet owners and drivers alike. By leveraging predictive analytics, Iveco Group helps their customers understand vehicle health and minimize business disruption in real-time by anticipating breakdowns and informing drivers so they can stop when convenient. 

With migration to the cloud, we manage data for more than 70,000 connected vehicles. And thanks to predictive analytics we reduced downtime and unplanned stops by 20% in 2022. We’re predicting a 40% reduction in unplanned downtime in 2023."

Improving driver safety with data

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Iveco launched Driver Pal with clear objectives to improve driver safety and comfort. The driver assistant allows vehicle operators to focus on the road by activating car functionalities vocally — without removing their hands from the steering wheel. They also developed a safety report with the driver index, taking into account all parameters and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) alerts to judge driver operation. Although this feature supports improved safety, it is also important for insurance discounts for good drivers and helping reduce the total cost of ownership for fleet owners. 

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Increasing sustainability by improving logistics

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And while comfort and safety are paramount objectives for Iveco Group, they are also laser focused on sustainability as they innovate and invent. As a partner with The Climate Pledge, Iveco has very stringent carbon emissions targets and are aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 15% by 2025, 30% by 2030, and net zero carbon emissions by 2040.  

Looking to the future: an evolving business model

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While Iveco continues to innovate on behalf of their customers, their use of data, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is powering future vehicle services. By using connected data and automation, Iveco is able to gather real-time information and labeling around maps, further supporting the development of new algorithms that help drivers streamline travel time. And as zero emissions vehicles become increasingly expensive, the company is exploring fresh business models that will support cost efficiency, including a pay-per-use business model.  

Fabrizio Conicella, Global Head of Digital and Advanced Technology for Iveco Group

Beginning his career at Iveco as an engine designer and validation leader in 1998, Fabrizio Conicella has held a range of positions — from FTP chief engineer to global head of medium heavy engines to energy management director and more. In In 2021, he was appointed Iveco Group’s Global Head of Digital and Advanced Technology, assuming responsibility for new technologies in the areas of artificial intelligence and automation. Fabrizio graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from University Federico II of Naples, Italy, and holds an MBA in Innovation and Project Management from Polytechnic of Turin.

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