AWS Service Ready Program

Validate and promote your software products that work with AWS services

What is the AWS Service Ready Program?

The AWS Service Ready Program is an AWS Specialization Program designed to validate software products built by AWS Partners that work with specific AWS services. These software products are technically validated by AWS Partner Solution Architects for their sound architecture and adherence to AWS best practices, and market adoption including customer successes.

Attaining an AWS Service Ready Specialization helps AWS Partners promote their software products globally. Through this AWS Specialization, you can demonstrate to your customer that your tools or applications help reduce technology risks.

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How customers select cloud partners

of customers highlight AWS Specializations as a top three criteria for partner selection.

of customers review their partners’ vendor certifications at least 2x a year.

of partners currently have, or are actively building, industry-specific IP to solve customers’ problems.

Success stories

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Get started

Join the AWS Partner Network (APN) at no cost by creating your AWS Partner Central account.

Become an AWS Partner

Enroll in the Services Path, specifically designed for organizations that leverage AWS to deliver consulting, professional, managed, and resale services.

Upon meeting the minimum validation criteria for the Services Path, i.e., achieve AWS Partner Select Tier, become eligible to apply for the AWS Service Delivery Specializations.

Learn more about AWS Partner Tier requirements

Choose the AWS Service Delivery Specialization that align best with your organization’s offering, and review requirements associated with each specialization.

Upon meeting the program requirements, you can apply to the AWS Service Delivery Program in AWS Partner Central by navigating to Programs > Program Applications.

For step-by-step guidance on how to apply for the program, refer to the AWS Service Delivery Program Guide available in AWS Partner Central.

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Upon achieving the AWS Service Delivery Specialization, you will receive a welcome email outlining the benefits you can take advantage of, including your AWS Partner Badge. This email and our benefits guide will help you make the most of the recognition, early access, AWS expert engagement, financial incentives, and ways to upskill on AWS that you gain through the program.

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AWS Service Ready Specializations

Identify the AWS Service Ready Specialization that aligns best with your software product(s). You may apply for one or more specializations depending on which AWS services your software products work with. AWS Service Ready specializations are chosen based on various factors including a high customer demand for validated AWS Partners Software Products to help customers solve business challenges on AWS.

Amazon CloudFront Ready Partners

Amazon CloudFront Ready Partners provide solutions-focused offerings to AWS customers in the end-to-end media management, security, monitoring and analytics, and content acceleration space. Their offerings help complement and augment existing AWS services to help customers optimize their use of Amazon CloudFront.

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AWS Graviton Ready Software Products

AWS Gravitron Ready Software Products are enabled on AWS Graviton-based Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances to help integrate, deploy, monitor, and secure your workloads. AWS Graviton Ready products are vetted and optimized to run on AWS Graviton-based instances.

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AWS Lambda Ready Software Products

AWS Lambda Ready Software Products provide tools and integrations for AWS Lambda, enabling customers to build serverless applications with ease. They provide solutions for application definition, management, and deployment, and solutions that extend and integrate with function runtimes and APIs.

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Amazon Linux Ready Software Products run on and are supported on Amazon Linux. By running Amazon Linux Ready Products, customers can take the full advantage of a low cost, enterprise-grade Linux operating system offered by AWS.
AWS Outposts Ready Software Products integrate with AWS Outposts deployments to help customers discover products that are tested on AWS Outposts and follow AWS security and architecture best practices.
AWS PrivateLink Ready Software Products integrate with AWS PrivateLink allowing customers to consume the services privately and securely, ensuring their traffic is not exposed to the public internet. PrivateLink Ready Products can be securely accessed across accounts, VPC boundaries and from on-premises networks, simplifying network infrastructure and enhancing security.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Ready Software Products

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Ready Software Products include tooling solutions that integrate with Amazon RDS and are designed to manage complex and time-consuming administrative tasks. RDS Ready products also support the use of the Amazon RDS platform as a backend for business applications deployed across seven RDS database engines including Aurora PostgreSQL, Aurora MySQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Amazon Redshift Ready Software Products integrate with Amazon Redshift to load, transform, and analyze data; share insights; and architect and implement analytics platforms.
AWS Control Tower Partners offer software solutions that complement Control Tower capabilities, including identity management, security for a multi-account environment, centralized networking, operational intelligence, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and cost management. 

Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Software Products

Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Software Products enable customers to take advantage of Amazon EC2 Spot and unlock savings of up to 90% from on demand. Amazon EC2 Spot Ready product integrations are vetted for following AWS Spot best practices and support workload deployments on Amazon EC2 Spot instances.

Amazon SageMaker Ready Software Products

Amazon SageMaker Ready Software Products help customers seamlessly execute use cases across the machine learning lifecycle. These software products have been validated for following AWS best practices to bring simplicity and ease of use to customers. 

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Ready Products 

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Ready Products offers customers a simple solution to deploying and maintaining their application layer security solution. AWS WAF Ready software products provide robust WAF rule sets and mitigation tools that customers can choose depending on their specific application use case.   

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Amazon Connect Ready partners

Amazon Connect Ready partners have proven themselves to be industry leaders in innovating the contact center experience. Implementing software solutions through Amazon Connect Ready Partners has shown to decrease the stress on customer contact centers by focusing on Omnichannel Customer Experiences / Agent Empowerment and Productivity Solutions / Analytics, Insights & Optimizations and providing Self-serve Configuration and Management tools that support business agility and innovation. 

Amazon EKS Ready Partners

Amazon EKS Ready Partners offer software solutions that include cost management, monitoring and logging, security, or networking, so that customers can fully leverage the benefits of Amazon EKS to run their containerized workloads for cloud on hybrid use cases.

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