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With Amazon Pinpoint, you can aggregate, visualize, and customize data related to your customers and your engagements. Use this data to deepen your understanding of your customers, how they use your mobile and web applications, how your engagement efforts are performing, and the impact your engagement efforts have on your business outcomes.

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  • Customer Analytics
  • Usage Analytics
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Customer Analytics

    Amazon Pinpoint makes it easy for you to gather, understand, and act on customer data. Understanding your customers allows you to create better audience segments and deliver personalized, relevant engagement experiences on their preferred channels. Learn more about customer analytics.



    Amazon Pinpoint captures events, identifies product usage patterns, and surfaces insights about how customers interact with your engagements across all channels to help you better understand their preferences. For example, using your customer data, you can segment your customers based on their stated preference about how they wish to receive a mobile boarding pass. You can then deliver the boarding pass on the right channel for a particular customer.  


    You can create smarter segments based on customer data. This helps you only deliver relevant content to your customers, which enhances their experience with your brand. For example, you can create segments based on specific items purchased, what level in a game they have completed, or which baseball games they watched in the past month, and send contextually relevant messages to those segments.


    Customer data allows you to create personalized messages. You can substitute personalization tokens with attributes such as their first name, company, or birth date. You can also deliver a personalized experience based on your customers’ preferences, historic behavior, and demographic data. Additionally, using the AWS Predictive User Engagement Solution, you can bring the power of machine-learning-driven personalized content recommendations and targeted marketing promotions directly to your customer engagement efforts.

  • Usage Analytics
  • Usage Analytics

    Understanding how your customers are using your mobile and web applications is critical to improving both your customer engagement efforts as well as your products themselves. You can use the usage data collected by Amazon Pinpoint to identify opportunities for product improvement, trigger messages when customers take certain actions, create dynamic or static audiences, and analyze how your messages impact downstream behavior. Learn more about usage analytics.



    You can use application usage metrics drive better product decisions. For example, you can identify stages where customers tend to stop using your mobile or web application. Then, if you determine that this trend is caused by a poor product experience, you can improve that experience and re-engage your customers with personalized messages. You can also trigger feedback requests to send at certain stages of a customer’s journey, such as after they make a purchase or try a new level in a game, and then use the feedback to inform detailed product improvement plans.


    Usage behavior can help you identify customers that are at risk of churning. You can then send them messages designed to re-engage them, such as special offers, reminders, or tips for how to successfully use your product. This helps you mitigate churn and enhance the customer experience, leading to improved retention rates.


    With event-based campaigns, you can trigger your campaigns to begin when your customers take, or fail to take, specific actions within a certain timeframe. This allows you to instantly send a congratulatory email when a customer reaches a certain level in your mobile game or send a reminder to a customer who left unpurchased items in their shopping cart.


    You can customize the events that you track to ensure you are collecting usage data about interactions that are important to your business. For example, a video streaming company can track custom attributes and metrics, such as video titles and duration of videos watched, to understand which videos resonate best with their customers and to deliver personalized messages that includes content related to videos that customers previously viewed.


    Usage data allows you understand how your engagement efforts impact outcomes in your mobile and web applications. For example, if your ideal outcome for a promotional campaign is to drive purchases of a newly released product, you can create goal events that you track in Amazon Pinpoint. You can then analyze which campaign drove the most purchases, attribute the success to those engagement efforts, and optimize future engagements to lead to similar outcomes.

  • Engagement Analytics
  • Engagement Analytics

    Amazon Pinpoint offers rich analytics related to the performance of your engagement efforts. Metrics related to your campaigns and transactional messages allow you to quickly understand historic trends and identify areas of improvement. Learn more about engagement analytics.



    Amazon Pinpoint tracks engagement metrics in real-time. These metrics enable you to instantly identify potential delivery problems, and to gain insights into the types of engagements that produce desirable outcomes.


    With rich analytics available for email, push notifications, and SMS messages, you can quickly drill-down to understand the performance of each individual channel and compare their relative performance. This helps you improve your single channel engagements and optimize your multi-channel approach.


    Understand how your customers engaged with your previous campaigns to identify areas of improvement. Determine which types of messages resonate the best with your customers, and identify the channels that perform the best for certain types of campaigns. You can also analyze how campaigns impacted your desired business outcomes. For example, you can track purchases, survey completions, or customer interactions with your mobile and web applications. Learn more about campaign analytics.


    Transactional message analytics help you spot potential delivery problems in real-time, optimize the performance of future sends, and understand which messages help you achieve your desired business outcomes. Our transactional messaging dashboards show you the number of messages that were delivered, opened, clicked, or that bounced or were reported as spam. Learn more about transactional analytics.

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