Force Therapeutics Enables Remote Healthcare Access Infused with Predictive Analytics Powered by Amazon SageMaker


Industry Challenge

There is a need in the healthcare industry for a digital platform to connect patients with providers in a meaningful way and to address the growing need to standardize care and curb costs within the healthcare system. To address that need, Force Therapeutics is using predictive analytics supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Force Enables Remote Healthcare Access with Predictive Analytics Powered by Amazon SageMaker (12:59)

At Force, we’ve been using Amazon SageMaker to power our predictive analytics function."

Bronwyn Spira
CEO and Founder, Force Therapeutics

Force Therapeutics’ Solution

Seeing a need to enable healthcare providers to meet patients where they are when recovering at home, Force Therapeutics understood that it could achieve valuable patient touch points, garner greater patient engagement, and reduce healthcare system costs through a digital platform. Since its founding in 2010, Force Therapeutics has developed such a platform, which integrates core components ranging from virtual rehab videos and patient-provider communication channels to medical record integration and predictive analytics. A complete engagement platform that can reach patients at home is always important—considering patients overwhelmingly expect digital access to their healthcare team—but it has never been more necessary than during shelter-in-place orders prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Force Therapeutics has seen an 88 percent increase in prescribed virtual rehab engagement. Further, “We’ve seen a 100 percent increase in patient activity on our platform since early March,” says Bronwyn Spira, CEO and founder of Force Therapeutics.

Benefits of Using AWS

“At Force, we’ve been using Amazon SageMaker to power our predictive analytics function,” says Spira. Amazon SageMaker gives Force Therapeutics the ability to build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly so that it can perform these predictive analytics tasks to give care providers the data-driven insights they need to make personalized, proactive, informed decisions throughout a remote care episode while also managing costs.

About Force Therapeutics

Force Therapeutics is a healthcare technology company focused on improving value-based patient care through digital access to healthcare while also developing a tool that uses the data-rich environment generated by the platform for clinical research.

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