What are Solutions on AWS?

Your pathway to delivering better outcomes, faster.

Amazon Web Services offers purpose-built services, ready-to-deploy software packages, and customizable architectures with instructional information to rapidly solve business challenges. Solutions are built by AWS and AWS Partners to address specific industry, cross-industry, and technology use cases.


Designed to meet your needs

With more than a decade helping thousands of customers solve problems and innovate in the cloud, AWS and AWS Partners pull from deep experience to deliver a range of solution types that address technology and business needs.

Built and maintained by experts

Experts across AWS and AWS Partners are developing solutions built on the broadest set of cloud resources available today. These experts also update the solutions' portfolio to ensure they reflect the latest innovations.

Curated for faster discovery

Quickly discover the solutions most relevant to your business in the growing AWS Solutions Library. Jump-start your projects with vetted solutions that align to industry, cross-industry, and technology domains.

Accelerated time-to-value

Streamline deployments to enable you and your teams to move faster. Improve time-to-value with deployable code, configurations, and prescriptive architectural guidance.

Solution Types

  • Purpose-Built AWS Services
  • High-performing, secure, and scalable Purpose-Built Services are designed to meet your specific industry, cross-industry, and technology use cases. Developed, maintained, and supported by AWS, Purpose-Built Services enable you to move faster and accelerate time to value.

    Customers using Purpose-Built AWS Services
    Becoming a leader in sustainable best practices with Canva

    Learn how Canva reached a 90 percent reduction in cloud service emissions and using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Customer Carbon Footprint Tool. To better understand how Canva uses AWS, the Fix This team sat down with Mike Williams, head of sustainability at Canva.

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    How Taco Bell is improving digital availability with ML forecasting

    Learn how customers like Taco Bell are deploying no-code solutions that automate the Amazon Forecast pipeline using a number of AWS services, such as AWS Step Functions and AWS CloudFormation. This solution helps deploy and manage many decoupled and concurrent enterprise-grade workloads.

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  • AWS Solutions
  • AWS Solutions bring together AWS services into pre-configured deployable code, architecture diagrams, and implementation guides. Developed, maintained and supported by AWS, AWS Solutions simplify the deployment of optimized infrastructure tailored to meet customer use cases.

    Customers using AWS Solutions
    How AvalonBay accelerated secure development by 75% using AWS Solutions

    Learn how AvalonBay Communities Inc. optimized its secure multiaccount environment using AWS Solutions, including: Automated Security Response on AWS, Customizations for AWS Control Tower, and Cognito User Profiles Export Reference Architecture.

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    Reduce call hold time and improve customer experience with self-service virtual agents using QnABot on AWS

    Learn how the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s (KYTC) Department of Vehicle Regulations (DVR) reduced call hold time and improved customer experience with self-service virtual agents using the QnABot on AWS solution.

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  • Partner Solutions
  • Partner Solutions provide specialized software products to enable customers to drive innovation and scale. They are developed, maintained, and supported by AWS partners and include software products, SaaS, and managed services built on or integrated with AWS.

    Customers using Partner Solutions
    Simplifying Barrett’s HR processes using Solutions built on AWS

    Learn how Barrett Distribution Centers in the logistics industry sought to simplify and speed up how it hired and onboarded employees with the Intelligent Integration Platform (IIP) solution built on AWS by AWS Partner SnapLogic.

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    CyberMetrics increases visibility into cloud security on AWS using Sophos

    Learn how CyberMetrics in the software industry improved security compliance with the Cybersecurity as a Service solution from AWS Partner Sophos.

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  • Guidance
  • Guidance is prescriptive technical advice that provides best practice recommendations on how to implement specific architectures to meet your use case. Guidance includes vetted architecture diagrams with optional sample code, white papers with architecture considerations and technical requirements, and reference materials.

    Customers using Guidance
    EA’s Metalhead launches ‘Super Mega Baseball 4’ with cross-play for six platforms using Amazon GameLift

    Learn how Metalhead, a part of EA Sports, accelerated and optimized its development and deployment of Super Mega Baseball 4 using Guidance for Game Analytics Pipeline on AWS.

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    Tracing Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) through the agriculture supply chain

    Learn how Bayer applied Guidance for Sustainability Insights Framework on AWS to implement a supply chain carbon tracking application.

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