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AWS Theater Presentations at Hannover Messe 2024

AWS Theatre Presentations

Industrial customers use AWS and AWS Partners to innovate faster, optimize performance, and grow revenue. The manufacturing digital value chain crosses engineering and design, smart manufacturing, and smart products and services, while keeping generative AI, sustainability, and supply chain considerations at the forefront, along the way.

Review the AWS Theatre schedule presented at Hannover Messe 2024 to dive deep and hear from AWS experts, AWS customers, and AWS Partners, about how cloud technologies are lifting industrial customers to a new level of innovation.

Hannover Messe 2024

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Day 1 Theater Sessions

Make Smart Manufacturing a Reality with Innovation Cloud Technologies

Hear how AWS customers are accelerating their smart manufacturing journey by using an industrial data strategy and innovative technologies like generative AI.

How Generative AI Can Help Close the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Hear how manufacturers are leveraging generative AI to boost productivity and address workforce issues with realworld examples and takeaways

Generate Business Value From Your SAP Data

Learn about the Snowflake & SNP native connector unified assets securely in one location, creating real-time visibility into business processes, and take the BW fitness test.

Accelerating Business Outcomes with AWS

Learn how the AWS Business Outcome Xcelerator program simplifies outcome-focused solution building for partners from solution ideation and build to delivery to reach customers.

From Edge to Cloud: How to Modernize Old Plants for Double-digit Efficiency Improvement

Discover how Belden digitalized five manufacturing facilities globally, one of them being a 95-year-old manufacturing plant.

Industrial Connectivity: Foundation to Your Digital Transformation Journey

Uncover how reliable secure wireless connectivity plays a key role in your digital transformation toward Industry 4.0 and how this is defining a new partnership model between Telcos, SIs, ISVs, and CSPs.

Catena-X: Accenture and AWS Collaboration Through Seamless Onboarding of Automotive Partners

In this panel session, join Accenture, BMW, and Vitesco Technologies to learn about their AWS Supply Chain onboarding journey and how it helps increase the pace of industry innovation.

Unlocking Operational Excellence: Invista’s Digital Twin Journey

Dive into the pioneering digital twin journey with Invista, a Koch Industries company, to gain firsthand insights into the solution to create dynamic visualizations that revolutionized their operations.

Empowering Business Leaders: Democratizing IoT Data Access and Insights

Explore the transformative benefits of democratizing IoT data access and insights, empowering business leaders to drive informed decision-making and foster innovation.

Supply Chain Ransomware Prevention with AWS SecurityHub

Learn about AWS SecurityHub and complementary tools that can be combined to maximize cyber security prevention checks in order to set up an automated control system as a Single Pane of Glass to reduce manual work.

Integrating Electrical Systems Easily: Accelerating the Path Towards Sustainability

Understand how to address seamless OT/IT systems integration, as an essential aspect of digital transformation to improve operational excellence and sustainability.

Democratizing AI-enhanced Industrial Applications at Scale with Mendix and Amazon Bedrock

Learn to endlessly compose AI-enhanced low-code applications across manufacturing value-chain processes.

Day 2 Theater Sessions

Learn How Gousto “Revolutionized Their Operational Landscape” with a Unified Namespace Powered by HighByte and AWS

Discover the challenges Gousto had using industrial data to drive operational efficiency and agility in their operational systems and how they leveraged HighByte Intelligence Hub and AWS services to build a Unified Namespace (UNS).

Accelerating Our Path to the Industrial Metaverse

Join this session to learn how developers are leveraging the latest advancements in open standards, generative AI, and accelerated computing to unlock these ambitions and accelerate our path to the industrial metaverse.

How an Industrial SW Toolchain-as-a-service Can Help to Save Costs and Boost Productivity

Find out how an Industrial Software Tool Chain as a Service can simplify the engineering process.

From the Machine to Digital Services: Pioneering the Future of Manufacturing

Learn how Heidelberger Druckmaschinen managed to level out widespread on-premises challenges such as data silos and inconsistencies to successfully expand new business models and services.

Continental Develops Advanced Approach to Data-focused operations using AWS Technologies

See how Continental developed a sophisticated event-based data framework, called FactoryOS, which seamlessly integrates with legacy systems and fosters the development of new data access standards.

Understanding Production Anomalies with an AI Co-Pilot

Learn how to centralize your data, gain actionable insights with AI, and unlock the hidden potential of your manufactirng process.

How ABB’s IoT and Machine Learning Solution Increases Istanbul Power Grid Resiliency

Dive into the challenge of collecting remote data from thousands of electrical substations and how AWS serverless solutions are used to provide security, scalability and availability with minimum effort.

How 42Q MES Powered by AWS is Helping Manufacturers to Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

Discover how 42Q MES can transform operations and meet manufacturers’ sustainability goals.

Unlocking Scalable and Cost-effective Battery Production with Siemens and AWS

Learn how Siemens and AWS are bringing necessary digital transformation for companies to achieve giga scale Li-ionbattery production with high quality, low scrap rate as well as to ensure sustainable factory operation.

The Power of Modern Digital Workflows in Complex Engineering Projects

Hear how our customer utilizes digital tools in the cloud to execute and deliver modern complex capital projects, improving their engineering quality and efficiency for all project stakeholders.

Improving Reliability in the Production Line

Learn how implementing HDS IT/OT solutions can improve the overall productivity of your production line as we focus on predictive maintenance, operational effectiveness, and integration processes.

NOV Goes All-in on Cloud HPC with Rescale

Follow how NOV’s cloud migration of their HPC operations transformed their simulation and analysis practice from a bottleneck of engineering productivity to an accelerator of R&D projects across the company.

Global Agriscience Leader Drives Crop Processing Efficiencies Using Edge2Web

Discover how a global crop science leader uses Edge2Web Low-code Tools on AWS to track asset availability and performance, improve product quality, and drive manufacturing efficiencies.

How Siemens Energy Connected Disparate Legacy Equipment to Improve Factory Operations

Learn how Siemens Energy created a blueprint for connecting 80+ of their factories securely at scale with AWS.

Smart Manufacturing at Panasonic Energy

Uncover how Panasonic Energy of North America (PENA) implemented an Industrial Data Fabric solution to improve the efficiency of their battery manufacturing.

AI-driven Process Optimization: Porsche’s Journey to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Hear how Porsche adopted advanced AI software to enhance the quality and efficiency of its bolting processes.

Day 3 Theater Sessions

Experience the Power of the Industrial Metaverse with AWS, BCG, NVIDIA, and Siemens

Join our industry expert panel and explore the transformative role of the Industrial Metaverse with enhancements in generative AI, software defined automation and synthetic data generation in daily operations.

A Digital Procurement Evolution: Amazon Business and SAP

Learn how to accelerate your procurement modernization efforts through a high-value collaboration between Amazon Business and SAP.

It Takes an Ecosystem: The Future of Manufacturing Tech Stacks

Discover why an open ecosystem approach is a more comprehensive and customer-centric solution for digitally transforming frontline operations.

Advanced Digital Technologies for Industrials: How to Unlock Maximum Value

Address the struggle to scale with a holistic tech-enabled business transformation framework combining operations, technology, people, and an operating model using a continuous improvement mindset.

Unlocking Global Efficiency: How Schneider Electric Streamlined Operations with Spryker

Join us to uncover how Spryker’s composability facilitates integration, optimizing efficiency and seamless operation across Schneider Electric’s global network.

How Industrial Manufacturers Bring OT and IT Together with Edge and Cloud

Learn how industrial customers build their data foundation and scale to improve industrial operations with AWS IoT Services and Siemens Industrial Edge.

Unleashing the Power of AWS and NetApp for Next-Gen Product and Engineering Workloads

Discover how we’re enabling high demanding product and engineering workloads such as CAE simulations, mission critical PLM systems and engineering VDI stations.

Peifer and Langen’s Journey to Intelligent Industry 4.0 Integration

Join us on an illuminating journey through Peifer and Langen’s digital transformation as they navigate the complexities of Industry 4.0 integration.

Delivering Contextual Predictive Maintenance with Amazon Monitron and Matterport

Learn how to deliver contextual predictive maintenance and explore how generative AI can unlock valuable information stored across different knowledge bases.

Talk PLC to Me! How AI Supports Automation Engineers

Uncover how automation engineers can utilize emerging AI capabilities to quickly translate complex automation scripts into clear, easily understandable language.

End-to-end Remote Power Monitoring Built on AWS

Hear about the advantages of Narrowband-IoT and LTE-M in remote monitoring and energy management use casesand the benefits of using logging devices.

From Edge to Cloud: How to Modernize Old Plants for Double-digit Efficiency Improvement

Discover how Belden digitalized five manufacturing facilities globally, one of them being a 95-year-old manufacturing plant.

Unlocking Operational Excellence with AWS IoT and Siemens Insights Hub

Join us as we explore how AWS IoT and Siemens Insights Hub are collaborating to empower manufacturers to transform their data into a strategic asset.

Cloud DataStreaming: Towards Real-time Analytics

Discover the advantages of cloud data streaming platforms and real-time analytics and see a demonstration of acloud-native data streaming platform on AWS.

Mobilize Data From Industrial Assets at Scale

Hear how business leaders build a strong data foundation for industrial transformation and optimize operations across many areas such as in quality, maintenance, materials management, and energy consumption.

Day 4 Theater Sessions

Total Engineering Reinvention Through Cloud-powered Model-based Engineering

Learn how Accenture is helping industrial companies transform towards a Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), and build model-based continuity with enterprise-wide digital thread and twin.

Make Your Energy Infrastructure Future Ready

Discover how the Bosch Digital Twin - IAPM is structured to bridge OT and IT and uncover how the business challenges were solved with this approach.

GE Proficy Smart Factory on AWS - Improving Manufacturing Productivity for People and the Planet

Understand how GE Digital’s Proficy Smart Factory for AWS helps manufacturing customers improve plant productivity and quality.

How Klöckner Pentaplast Rolls Out a Global Solution on AWS to Drive Sustainability

Understand how GE Digital’s Proficy Smart Factory for AWS helps manufacturing customers improve plant productivity and quality.

Regulatory Processes Supported by NTT DATA CERTassist on AWS

Hear how Krone is leveraging the NTT DATA CERTassist solution to support the ECE Homologation approval process for vehicle design and automotive components.

Empowering Smart Manufacturing: Unlocking the Potential with AWS Industrial Data Fabric and Cognite Data Fusion

Discover and revolutionize operational performance, reduce costs, and unlock new opportunities in real-time, as Cognite and AWS propel the manufacturing industry into a new era of efficiency and innovation.

Scaling Industrial Computer Vision - a MHP x Volkswagen Success Story

MHP Gain insights on how tomorrow’s industrial production and logistic processes look like with the help of intelligent analysis and data usage - predictive maintenance, cost-efficiency and high-quality.

Orion Engineered Carbons Optimizes Efficiency by Migrating Their SAP System on AWS

Hear Orion’s SAP migration journey learnings and strategies to achieve maximum efficiency, cost savings, and their steps to prepare for an upcoming S/4HANA upgrade. 

Data Democratization via Data Mesh: A Cloud Analytics Platform is Transforming CARIAD’s Data Landscape

Learn how CARIAD has made significant strides in democratizing data through the implementation of a data sharing architecture on the principles of data mesh within their cloud analytics platform.

Drive Valuable Insights and Innovation by Implementing an End-to-end Industrial Data Strategy

Learn about the AWS Industrial Data Fabric, a well-architecture framework that enables manufacturers to accelerate the ingestion, contextualization, and ability to act on their industrial and enterprise data across the value chain.

Putting Generative AI to Work for Manufacturers

Hear how customers are already taking advantage of generative AI to increase innovation and enhance customer experience and learn how to get started.

ACWA Robotics Powers Engineering Innovation with the Ansys and AWS Startup Program

Discover how ACWA Robotics was empowered to accelerate their engineering simulations, enhance product development, and drive unparalleled performance in their robotic solutions.

Next-generation Smart Products: How Cloud-connected Intelligent Devices Enable Rapid Innovation

Learn how AWS can help you build smart, connected products and machines using cloud technology to improve quality and create new revenue streams.

Next-generation Smart Products: How Cloud-connected Intelligent Devices Enable Rapid Innovation

Uncover how devices can be connected and synchronized and how vectorisation and machine learning tools can be used to display changes in the status of machines.

Improving Equipment Uptime with Predictive Maintenance Powered by Generative AI

Uncover how leading manufacturers, like Baxter International, are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to activate predictive maintenance and avoid downtime up to 500 machine hours.

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