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Digital Transformation insights

View of the northern light from the city center in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Iceland accelerates modernization

Public sector organizations can deliver cutting-edge services securely, whatever the size of their talent or revenue pool. Digital Iceland CEO Andri Heiðar Kristinsson explains how collaboration, an open government approach, and the cloud have accelerated its digital transformation.

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Open data leads to innovation

Transport for London (TfL) gathers operational data through running the city’s public transportation system and roads network. It embraced data sharing principles in order to accelerate innovation. Private sector enterprises used the open data and developed Apps to make journeys simpler and faster, all underpinned by the cloud. Now, TfL is collaborating with technology enterprises to use open data to cut pollution and accidents. The AWS Institute invited Rikesh Shah, outgoing head of open innovation at Transport for London, explain how it works.
Public healthcare data

Cloud use in public healthcare

Read about best practices and frameworks used by countries that successfully adopt the cloud to deliver public healthcare. This report, from Alvarez & Marsal with the AWS Institute, explores how providers access cloud services and maintain control over data to provide value for citizens.

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News and research

Data management


Government data management good practice

Find recommendations and good practice for strong data management
for building excellence in government in this Asian Development Bank and
Amazon Web Services Institute report.

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Conversations podcasts


Government transformation conversations

Abstract money


Design public procurement for digital transformation

Whole-of-government digital transformation and impactful, sustainable change must leverage internet-era principles, methods, and work practices beyond the digital and technology functions. Warren Smith, a leader behind GOV.UK Digital Marketplace and now a procurement consultant at  CURSHAW,  shares insight.



Civil service builds capacity to transform

Leaders from the Indian Capacity Building Commission share their experience of providing the right skills to deliver better services through digital transformation.

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Digital identity essentials

National digital identity schemes underpin large-scale public sector transformations to make services more accessible and seamless for citizens. Maria-Ines Baque and Deepti V Dutt, who led implementation programs in Argentina and in India, before joining Amazon Web Services, say that the technology is not the biggest challenge.  Learn more about building digital identity for 1bn people.

Digital healthcare


Digital health strategy in action

Spain has risen faster in the European Commission's Digital Economy and Society Index than any other member state in the six years to 2022.  The director-general of digital health and information systems shares what is behind national healthcare service improvements as Europe moves towards greater cooperation.

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Meet sustainability and climate goals with the cloud

Japan aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 46% in 2030, compared to 2013 levels. Makishima Karen, Japan's digital minister 2021-2022, says: "The transition to a sustainable society through digital technologies will transform business strategy over the next decade." Find out why in this video and hear more from experts who spoke at the AWS and Eco-Business Asia-Pacific Sustainability Summit.  


South Africa re-energizes transformation

South Africa's government wants to accelerate digital technology adoption to support better public services while providing skills and jobs for its expanding youth population. Find out more from the government's digital transformation leaders in this summary of a recent AWS Institute and University of Pretoria executive program.

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Leaders share top transformation wins and blockers

Chief information officers (CIOs) and digital directors from Spanish government services share the gains from digital transformation, and the challenges they face as they modernize.


Singapore public sector modernization puts users first

Governments such as Singapore's transform the way citizens interact with them by putting the user's needs first. Digital leader Chan Cheow Hoe, Singapore's chief technology officer, explains how this approach, together with adopting cloud technology, delivers modern and accessible citizen services.

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FutureofGovernment Awards


Future of Government Awards winners announced

Meet the winners of the inaugural Future of Government Awards hosted by AWS Institute, Apolitical and UNDP to champion open source solutions that accelerate digital transformation and positive change. Digital Innovator of the Year, Mykhailo Fedorov; Open Source Creation of the Year, Italian public services app IO; and Open Source Adaptation of the Year, Cambodia Data eXchange (CamDX). 
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Abstract digital identity


Digital identity drives innovation

Governments around the world implement digital identity (digital ID) systems to improve social services and promote innovation.  This AWS Institute report, with the Access Partnership, offers practical insights for public sector leaders who want a well-designed and successful digital ID system.

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Artificial Intelligence abstract image


Governments can look to AI to sustain digital transformation success

The public sector in Australia was an early adopter of digital technology and Australia is a leader in the UN E-Government Survey. A business technology academic and an experienced nation-scale modernizer explore how investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) could re-energize governments' digital progress.
Modern public healthcare


Modernize public healthcare

The cloud has often been called a game-changer for digital health, but its true benefits have only come to the fore since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This report explores how governments are realizing these gains.

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Be secure in the cloud

Security is the most important part of nation-scale transformation and the challenges include tackling legacy approaches to data protection, say two experienced reformers. Alex Meek-Holmes, government transformation advisor at Amazon Web Services, and Ian McCormack, deputy director, government sector, at the U.K. National Cyber Security Centre, describe why sharing best practice and standards openly delivers better outcomes.

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bike lane with futuristic city metro building for eco green transport system in urban concept


Transport's future is green

Europe aims to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, cutting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by at least 55% by 2030. Transport accounts for 28% of GHG within the EU. This AWS Institute report explores how cloud technology makes transport greener and more resilient, from managing traffic signals through intersection surveillance, to smart parking and public transport systems.

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Public sector buys better

Leaders around the world face common challenges as they modernize public services. Buy Better shows how the U.K. government transformed procurement to unblock modernization, and how other nations use the knowledge.

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Open data drives social change

The U.K. published government data about ethnicity and so accelerated healthcare and education policy change.  Zamila Bunglawala, International Director at the Department for Education, and Caroline Mulligan, senior manager in the government transformation team at Amazon Web Services, explain how they implemented this pioneering project. Other nations are using the blueprint to support their own missions. 

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Happy digital citizens


Cloud adoption signals innovative mindset

Modern citizen services mean great experiences, say experts in customer psychology who spoke at a recent AWS Institute Executive Education program with the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, Reichman University, Israel. They explain why governments need an innovative mindset as much as new technology.

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Governments share solutions to accelerate their transformation

Governments can use technology that others have developed and made freely available using open source to deliver reform. Read about the ways they benefit from sharing solutions to common problems in this AWS Institute blog, and find out more in the AWS Institute Building for Reuse film.

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Leaders share transformation essentials for success

Public service transformation needs strong leaders with the vision to change culture, not just the IT system, according to the U.K. government’s former chief technology officer, Liam Maxwell, now director of government transformation at Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Think Big is the first film in the Transformation Essentials for Public Service Leaders series from the AWS Institute. More episodes cover starting small, transforming securely, and using what already works for organizations all over the world.

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Alternative energy source. Floating wind turbines in sea, world map illustration and scheme


The carbon reduction opportunity of moving to the cloud for APAC

Many enterprises and public sector organizations are unaware that moving workloads to the cloud can also dramatically reduce their energy use. This report from 451 Research and the AWS Institute calculates the benefit. The report is now available in Japanese and Korean.

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Three ways the cloud cuts carbon

Ken Haig, head, energy and environment policy in the Asia-Pacific & Japan region at Amazon Web Services, shares highlights from the recent 451 Research study commissioned by the AWS Institute in this GovInsider short film.

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Grey reef sharks


The Cloud accelerates climate change research

From shark monitoring to glacier melt, data helps us understand climate change's impact on the environment. These six stories, from Tasmania and Peru to the continents of Africa and Antarctica, show how the cloud is helping scientists and policymakers.

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Smart city concept with high speed motion blur


The digital city starts here

City administrations of all sizes are increasingly able to use technology to help understand how citizens use services and amenities. This Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) guide, supported by the AWS Institute, offers information about getting started.

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How open government works well for Buenos Aires

Florencia Romano, undersecretary of open government & accountability of the government of the City of Buenos Aires, says the city's pioneering approach engages citizens and makes public services easier to use. (Spanish with English subtitles.)

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Renewable energy with cloud


The cloud has a green lining

Renewable energy is changing the way that technology is powered and is one of the factors that this expert panel examines as they explore why moving to the cloud cuts organizations' carbon footprint. Adam Turner, food and rural affairs sustainable technology lead at the U.K. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Kelly Morgan, research director of data center infrastructure and managed services at 451 Research, and Ken Haig, energy and environment policy head for Asia Pacific and Japan at Amazon Web Services, discuss the challenges and opportunities in this GovInsider podcast for AWS Institute.

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Southeast Asia's Cloud Story: Impact, inclusivity, and growth


Southeast Asia's Cloud Story: impact, inclusivity, and growth

Cloud technology has played a crucial role in empowering people across Southeast Asia by making services, including finance, accessible to traditionally under-served communities.

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Austria abstract image


Austria moves toward government as a service

The pandemic highlighted the need for fast and wide-ranging reforms in the digital provision of public services worldwide. In Austria, the focus is on changing the civil service culture and opening up access to the skills and data needed to provide better services to citizens in a more timely manner. 

Christian Rupp, former Federal Executive Secretary, eGovernment Austria, says: “We need a culture of 100 percent online services 24 hours a day. This means provision for digital applications or inquiries through to internal processing, approval, and payment. At the same time, there needs to be secure system access for civil servants working from home and the ability for big data analytics and data sharing across different administrations”.

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Estado Digital podcast series


Podcast series explores the cloud's impact on Latin America

The Estado Digital series explores how technology can solve social and public policy challenges in Latin America. It includes stories in important sectors, such as the Salud Digtal episode, which explores how countries are moving towards digital delivery of services, especially telemedicine, and the way artificial intelligence is used in diagnostics and patient care.

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Abstract world and clouds


A year of transformation reviewed

Cloud computing supports public sector transformation all over the world. There are many common challenges and solutions, and the benefits are universal: speed, scale, and security. The AWS Institute Year in Review reflects the variety of reforms that governments, and other public sector organisations, have explored and implemented in 2021.

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AWS Institute events

Indonesia abstract design


Indonesia shows how to boost digital leaders’ skills

Indonesia’s government is increasing its national digital capability by training senior leaders from the public and private sectors in cloud knowledge through the Digital Leadership Academy (DLA).

The DLA connects leaders with “stakeholders in national digital ecosystems from government, business, and academic organizations.”

The DLA, AWS Institute, and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) at the National University of Singapore, worked together to deliver an executive education program to support this. The focus was Digital transformation with One Data and Smart City.

Senior leaders from 132 national, provincial, and local entities ranging from health and finance to transport and regional development learned how to start digital transformation programs. The three-module, online training provided a mix of panel-led discussions and workshops with experts and peers. The 151 participants also used a real challenge they are currently facing as a case study to work on during the program. 

Minister of communication and information technology (Kominfo), Johnny G. Plate, said, “This training focuses on enhancing digital leadership as a critical point in driving our national digital transformation. This digital leadership is one of the keys to the success of the national digital transformation, considering that leaders are increasingly required to have agile decision-making capabilities and are relevant to the development of the digital era."

Leon Voon, lead designer and head of experience strategy design (ESD) team at Govtech, Singapore, spoke on human-centred data transformation. Setiaji Setiaji, chief digital transformation officer, Indonesia Ministry of Health, spoke on procurement and governance. Dr. Emil Dardak, vice governor of East Java, Indonesia, showed how to develop a digital transformation strategy. Amazon Web Services (AWS) government transformation leaders, Manu Shukla and Jane Treadwell, shared insight about technology-powered government transformation in India, and accelerating digital transformation.

The AWS Institute Executive Education program equips senior public servants with the confidence and expertise to help them better lead digital transformations of public services. Find a program in your region.

Friends teenagers, inclusive people isolated as inclusive society concept, vector stock illustration with disabled person in wheelchair


User focus must be inclusive

Focus on user needs, and inclusive design, supported successful transformation of benefit payments and health service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, said leaders from the state of Rhode Island, U.S., and the Scottish government. Speaking alongside digital technology experts from AWS and IBM at Putting people first in digital government services: a transatlantic conversation,  they illustrated how the pandemic drove public service modernization to warp speed.  Watch the AWS Institute and World Affairs Council of America public webinar

Businessman login with fingerprint scanning technology. Security system concept


Nine steps to digital identification

Senior policymakers from eight countries at different stages of their digital ID journey shared lessons and identified common challenges about digital identification at a Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and AWS Institute private roundtable. Nine key lessons, from building public trust to using international standards, are shared in this briefing, with participants' permission.


Modern Diversity Hands Joining Background, 3D Rendered Latest Diverse Concept Backdrop. Futuristic and Trendy ethnicity Abstract Banner Design


Call to increase digital competitiveness

Leaders have to use technology and regulation so that talented people, wherever they live, have more equal access to opportunities, said experts as they explored regulatory barriers to digital competitiveness at a U.S. Mexico Foundation ( USMF) C26 plus event, supported by AWS Institute.
Watch these three short films from USMF to find out how fintech entities are tapping in to Mexico's talent pool; why the physical border should be made smarter; and how regulation needs to change to promote economic growth.
Wind turbine


Fresh focus on climate change

An open event to explore how the cloud has already played a part in carbon reduction and how it will support national sustainability and climate change goals in October brought together speakers from DBS bank, the Economic Development Board of Singapore, and global technology companies. Cloud infrastructure could be the key to meeting climate goals, reported Eco Business.

LIMA, PERU: Panoramic view of Lima from Miraflores.


Supercharging digital transformation

The global pandemic transformed people’s expectations of government as they accessed services digitally, from schooling and healthcare to welfare. Governments that had already set a digital transformation agenda, such as Peru, are now in a position to accelerate their journeys because the pandemic turned the important into the necessary. These were some of the views that a panel of experts discussed as they considered Peru’s Digital Transformation Journey, hosted by the AWS Institute and AmCham Perú in March 2021. The analysis behind the public discussion and paper also produced recommendations for accelerating transformation.

En la ruta hacia la competitividad


The challenges of digital transformation in Costa Rica

The Council for the Promotion of Competitiveness think-tank launched ‘The challenges of digital transformation in the public sector in Costa Rica’ on June 29, a study prepared with the support of the AWS Institute. The authors, Costa Rica's former minister and vice-minister of science, innovation, and telecommunications, Luis Adrian and Edwin Estrada, have proposed nine recommendations for policy makers to consider.



Healthcare and technology concept with flat icons and symbols. Template design for health care business, innovation medicine, science background, medical research. Vector illustration.


Time to update legacy IT in healthcare

Legacy IT, and what to do with it, is a common issue facing leaders who are trying to modernize services such as healthcare. Healthcare innovators, clinicians, and administrators worked together to consider solutions. Independent think-tank, Reform, facilitated the session in March, 2021, to focus on the legacy IT challenges facing the English National Health Service. Attendees identified three policy challenges associated with legacy transformation: management of risk, supporting people (skills and ways of working), and ensuring value for money.

Read the Reform paper.

E health service, telemedicine


Turning to technology

The COVID-19 pandemic nudged governments in Latin America to experiment with new technologies to boost administrative and service-delivery capacity. To address urgent public health and economic needs, officials responsible for digital innovation took center stage, spurring the rapid adoption of telemedicine, distance education technologies, e-payments, virtual legislating, remote justice, and contact tracing.

Latin America public sector digital innovators explored technology's role in improving government efficiency, transparency, and accessibility, including in times of crisis.


AWS Institute Executive Education

AWS Institute offers a complementary Executive Education program to equip senior public servants and elected officials with the knowledge to lead digital transformation. You will be part of a small cohort learning from global thought leaders and practitioners. The three-module program fosters peer-to-peer learning and support and offers a library of master class lectures.

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