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Digital identity for 1bn people

The world's biggest digital ID platform, in India, was an enormous project and it was possible to deliver it by focusing on three principles. Ganga Kapavarapu, formerly of the Unique Identification Authority of India, speaks to Deepti Dutt, head of strategic initiatives at Amazon web services, public sector team in India, about what made the Aadhaar digital identity project such a powerful driver of modern public sector services.

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Digital programs boost EU resilience and recovery

The EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) has made €672.5 billion in grants and loans available for public investment and reforms. The funds will finance regional and local projects designed to reduce economic and social disparities while boosting a sustainable recovery by investing in green and digital priorities. This report provides a set of emerging practices under the RRF program for governments to consider as they restart their economies, look for ways to modernize their judicial, educational, and healthcare systems, upskill and reskill their workforce, and focus on digital and green economic recovery measures. It offers examples of solutions that respond to the impact of COVID-19.

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Central Bank Digital Currency innovation in the Caribbean

Central banks in Latin America and the Caribbean are among the most innovative financial regulators worldwide. This report summarizes how the cloud delivers solutions for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as well as regulatory and policy issues. It includes a case study of how the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank set up a DCash pilot.

"If CBDCs are properly designed and wisely adopted, they could become a complementary means of payment that addresses specific market failures, protects citizens from crimes, and bring financial services to many people who are not covered by the current financial system.”

Anastasia Raissis, director of global cybersecurity and regulatory policy, worldwide public sector at AWS.

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How technology helps cities become sustainable and inclusive

As city populations expand, so does the imperative to make sure that urban infrastructure and services can accommodate growth. This paper examines how cities in APJ are adopting innovative technology to meet rising demands on public services and infrastructure.

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Disaster response transforms

Adam Marlatt, Director of Operations at Help.NGO describes how his team responds to disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, and the critical role that cloud technology plays.

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EdTech brings learning alive to narrow the attainment gap

Virtual reality brings English literature to life & boosts understanding by 65% for children on the opposite side of the attainment gap. Here's how scientists & educators use machine learning & cloud computing to democratize education.

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Energy of Inner Colors


Better data will support policymaking

Data literacy is now an essential skill for making policy, concludes this book from the Iris Social Lab and Social Good Brasil. From the practical tools that civil servants need, to the approach they can take to promote an analytical culture, the Age of Data (in Portuguese) sets out the changes needed.

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How Southeast Asian economies can leverage open source to improve service delivery

Experts from the UK government and Amazon Web Services (AWS) government transformation team explore how open-source software can reduce costs, speed up service delivery, and improve access in Southeast Asia. The panel was co-organized by the Asian Development Bank SEADS initiative, and the AWS Institute.

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Colombia modernizes bankruptcy courts

Colombia’s Bankruptcy Court (Supersociedades) implemented an ambitious strategy of digital transformation from 2019 to respond to demand that was increasing even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Supersociedades is an entity with powers to supervise, protect and strengthen one-third of the 1.5 million registered companies in Colombia. Transformation made it faster to process cases, reducing the backlog, and increased understanding of the challenges that face companies, according to this report from CAF, the Latin American development bank. Transformation also made it possible to identify companies at risk of bankruptcy at an earlier stage.

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Building jobs and technology skills

What role does the government have in reskilling and upskilling citizens? Secretary Gutierrez, former US Secretary of Commerce, is joined by experts from AWS and 1901Group to discuss workforce development in light of this ever-changing global economy. What's the future of work? What skills employers look for in a candidate? 


Building cloud skills in rural America

Nearly 25 percent of Americans live in rural areas characterized by shrinking employment. Meanwhile, in the high-growth tech sector concentrated in big cities, employers cannot find enough employees to fill available jobs.

Enabling financial inclusion in APAC through the cloud


Increasing financial inclusion through the cloud

Cloud computing can support more accessible, cost-effective, and flexible fintech delivery, concludes this Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) paper. The paper, supported by AWS Institute, focuses on Asia Pacific.

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Digital transformation of healthcare in Brazil

Brazil has one of the largest healthcare services markets in the world. It was already undergoing digital transformation, but the pandemic created an opportunity to accelerate and deepen the use of technology in healthcare - from telemedicine to artificial intelligence and big data. How can Brazil adapt its health services to the requirements of the present and the future?

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Remote public services


Put people first

Before COVID-19, online government services were a convenience, but there was almost always an in-person option to meet constituent needs. From the constituent perspective, people with tech skills and access to up-to-date equipment found the shift to online government services daunting but manageable. However, for those lacking equipment, know-how, or language skills, accessing government services became nearly impossible.

Government officials from Rhode Island, U.S., who accelerated welfare payments, and Scotland, U.K., who accelerated remote healthcare, shared insights in a discussion with industry experts from Amazon Web Services and IBM Watson Health. This report, Putting people first in government services: lessons from the pandemic for the future, summarizes these insights.

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Agricultural workers in Asia


Accelerating financial inclusion

Bhavin Patel, head of fintech research at OMFIF,  Serey Chea, director general of the national bank of Cambodia, and Agne Makauskaite, Asia Pacific head of public policy for regulated industries at AWS, discuss how cloud technology helps create economic opportunity.

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APAC financial inclusion surges forward through the power of the cloud

Financial inclusion is an important enabler for the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development goals. Along with the introduction of financial technology and democratization of financial services, financial inclusion helps reduce costs for citizens and fosters the development of innovative services. This virtual discussion is hosted by OMFIF Digital Monetary Institute.

How Technology Helps Cities Become Sustainable and Inclusive


How technology helps cities become more sustainable and inclusive

City leaders planning for the future can find examples of how technology can improve everything from public transport to healthcare.

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How Governments can Build Resilience in the New Normal (EMEA)


How governments can build resilience in the new normal (EMEA)

Public sector organizations needed infrastructure, capabilities, and controls to overcome disruptions caused by the COVID19 pandemic. Organizations that embraced cloud services were able to continue operating remotely. responding quickly to huge demand.

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Making government more agile through cloud computing

This discussion about the role of open source software in transforming government services is co-hosted by ADB and AWS Institute.

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AWS Institute offers a complementary Executive Education program to equip senior public servants and elected officials with the knowledge to lead digital transformation. You will be part of a small cohort learning from global thought leaders and practitioners. The three-module program fosters peer-to-peer learning and support and offers a library of master class lectures.

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