AWS IoT 1-Click

Launch AWS Lambda functions from your simple devices

Build solutions using AWS Lambda functions from your AWS IoT 1-Click devices to create actions in the cloud or on premises.

Pre-provisioned with certificates to securely connect supported devices to AWS. No need to install or manage custom firmware or certificates.

Manage your devices via the console or mobile app. Group them by function or location, then create actions across your devices.

How it works

AWS IoT 1-Click devices securely connect to AWS IoT Core out of the box so you can deploy them without managing certificates.

Diagram describes how to configure your simple devices to initiate AWS Lambda functions that take actions, such as notifying technical support, tracking assets, or replenishing goods.

Use cases

Reorder goods and services with AWS Lambda functions

Create Lambda functions that make API calls to place orders with online merchants with a single click.

Optimize hospitality and facilities management

Request services, fill orders, and capture feedback with 1-Click devices in facilities such as office buildings, hotels, conference rooms, or airports.

Reduce industrial operational costs

Report and request maintenance service for equipment, potentially saving millions in operational costs and reducing the need for manufacturing inspection.

Get support with a click of a button

Automate customer support with partner-built devices that can be configured to invoke
actions, such as texting support when help is needed.

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