Intelligence on the Edge

Turn Industrial Machines into

Innovation Machines with AWS IoT

AWS IoT helps you quickly spot quality and performance issues so you can optimize productivity and efficiency.


Why choose AWS IoT?

Take Intelligent Actions

Add analytics and machine learning to your industrial operations using pre-built machine learning models for common industrial use cases and deploy on devices or in the cloud.

Help Keep Data and Devices Secure 

Continuously audit security policies, monitor your device fleet, and receive alerts if something doesn’t look right.

Quickly Onboard Your Fleet

Connect large and diverse fleets quickly and remotely manage and monitor devices across many locations.

Who is using AWS IoT?

Use Cases for AWS Industrial IoT

Home Automation

Predictive Quality

Spot quality issues to improve yield, minimize scrap, and increase customer satisfaction.

Home Security & Monitoring

 Predictive Maintenance 

Detect issues in real time and avoid unplanned outages, keep workers safe, and optimize the supply chain.

Home Network Management

Asset Condition Monitoring

Monitor industrial equipment so you maximize asset utilization and fully exploit your investment in machines and equipment.

Turn connectivity into productivity with AWS IoT

Download the AWS Industrial IoT Resource Library with customer videos and eBooks so you can explore how AWS IoT services can help you improve productivity and boost efficiency across your business.

AWS IoT Partner Solutions

The Industrial Time Series Data Connectivity solution helps you establish an end-to-end data flow from your time series data to AWS for advanced analytics, this solution bridges the gap between the devices powering your business. 

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Bright Wolf’s SpringBoard enables customers to get up and running with live data from their equipment connected to AWS IoT with dashboards, reports, and alerts in 30 days or less. 

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IoT competency partner solutions. 

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What is AWS IoT

What is AWS IoT?

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