Industrial IoT data with Bright Wolf SpringBoard

Efficiently turn industrial IoT data into valuable information on AWS

Bright Wolf’s SpringBoard enables customers to get up and running with live data from their equipment connected to AWS IoT with dashboards, reports, and alerts in 30 days or less. SpringBoard is pre-configured to leverage Machine Learning on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other services, and provides an Enterprise API for consistent, secure data management. This highly customizable solution provides reliable predictive maintenance that makes it possible to more effectively manage assets and gain valuable insight from the large amounts of collected data.

This solution is supported by a consulting offer from Bright Wolf, an Advanced AWS Technology Partner and AWS IoT Competency holder.

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    Solution highlights: ­

    • Highly customizable open system approach accelerates integration of machine data with enterprise applications and business workflows
    • ­Designed to rapidly operationalize trained models from Amazon SageMaker for reducing service costs through predictive maintenance
    • ­Pre-configured to leverage Machine Learning on AWS and other services
    • ­Integrated with Amazon Greengrass and AWS IoT Core to empower connected devices to easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices
    Bright Wolf SpringBoard IoT System graph

    Key features:

    • ­Enterprise API that is purpose-built to deliver consistent, secure data management
    • Advanced data modeling and filtering at the edge and on AWS provides clean data for integration with existing workflows and analytics
    • ­Reference applications and flexible dashboards to start collecting and displaying data quickly
    • ­Pre-built, production quality components help simplify IoT infrastructure complexity with a secure flexible reference system

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