FreeWave Technologies-EdgeIQ Edge Compute Gateway for Remote Applications

Fully managed edge compute gateway for harsh remote applications built to support mission critical edge compute applications where processing, monitoring, and reliability are required

FreeWave-EdgeIQ Compute Gateway Solution Is an AWS Partner Solution that can be Rapidly Deployed on AWS

FreeWave’s ZumLink and ZumIQ edge computing devices enabled with AWS IoT Greengrass and EdgeIQ device management service seamlessly extend AWS computing to the network’s edge. This allows industrial devices to act locally on the data they generate while still leveraging AWS Cloud services for management, analytics, and durable storage. The FreeWave ZumLink and ZumIQ solutions with EdgeIQ and AWS IoT services simplify and scale the deployment and management of new and legacy industrial equipment in business critical solutions.

EdgeIQ is an AWS IoT Competency Partner.

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Freewave - EdgeIQ
AWS Partner Network Competency



Extend AWS services to the edge while integrating existing legacy industrial equipment used in extreme environmental conditions.


EdgeIQ-enabled FreeWave devices will automatically receive all their necessary configurations, software updates, and AWS IoT Greengrass credentials.

High Availability

Maximize system uptime with automated service monitoring with automatic restart, reboot, or failover of AWS IoT Greengrass and associated services.

Solution Highlights

Designed for systems in remote and harsh environments, FreeWave ZumLink and ZumIQ devices work where no other networks are available. FreeWave edge computing devices enabled with AWS IoT Greengrass and EdgeIQ management software seamlessly extend AWS computing to the network edge, allowing industrial devices to act locally on the data they generate while still leveraging the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage. The solutions deliver compute, networking, and AWS integration to legacy industrial equipment with ease of deployment, enhanced manageability, and fault-tolerance through service and data orchestration services.

  • Effortless service integration: Bring your own accounts and automatically configure and update your devices with zero-touch deployment, AWS IoT Greengrass, and AWS Lambda.
  • Complete device life cycle management: Easily manage FreeWave devices from initial deployment to service, device monitoring, and automated software updates.
  • Industrial grade hardware: Deploy ZumLink and ZumIQ devices with EdgeIQ in the most extreme of environmental and hazardous conditions.
  • High availability AWS IoT Greengrass: Maximize uptime with automatic restart or failover of edge components and applications including AWS IoT Greengrass.
Freewave - EdgeIQ Solution Diagram Workflow

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