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Indoor and outdoor asset tracking


Do you know the real-time location and status of all your assets? Vehicles, equipment, people, or other business resources? Many businesses waste hours searching for assets and pay full-time employees just to manually enter location and status data that’s imprecise at best and error prone at worst. Most asset tracking solutions in the market are expensive, battery inefficient, inflexible, and fail indoors. Our solution is the most cost-effective, secure, and mature product available and is used by leading enterprises to track and monitor hundreds of thousands of assets on a daily basis.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 12/2020
Author: AWS 

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Get real-time location and monitor the status of assets indoors and outdoors, with proven scale at the lowest cost. Leverege built and manages the largest LoRa asset tracking deployment in North America (>500,000 assets) and has been independently certified for the highest levels of security. Easily tailor the solution by defining user roles and permissions, uploading floor plans and customized maps, creating geofences, adding custom business logic, setting alerts and rules, and integrating with APIs. Use the power and range of low-cost LoRa connectivity to deliver asset tracking solutions on private networks.


Get real-time location and status updates for assets indoors and outdoors, with proven scale and security at the lowest cost.
  • Track Indoors and Outdoors - Don’t lose track of assets when they move inside. Seamlessly track location and monitor asset status both indoors AND outdoors.
  • Low CapEx and OpEx - Low cost to purchase, implement, and manage means you can finally track ALL your assets and realize a greater ROI.
  • Tailor to Your Business - Configure user roles and permissions, upload floor plans, create lots and set geofences, implement custom workflows and business logic, and integrate with APIs.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security - We’ve been independently audited by multiple, leading security companies so you can trust that your data and assets will remain secure.


  • Extensive UI-Based Configuration - Tailor the solution to your business with no code needed, you can configure directly from the user interface. Configure user roles and permissions, upload floor plans and custom maps, create zones and set geofences, and implement business-specific workflows. You can also build real-time and historical data data visualizations with charts, tables, maps, and gantt charts. Save these configurations for different user roles (e.g. admin vs. manager vs. regular user) and even on a per user basis.
  • Installation and Management Tools - Install the solution across your business and assets with minimal overhead and training. Bulk pair/unpair functionality enables quick roll-out of tracking devices to all your assets and a sophisticated device management portal allows you to view device states, connectivity status, battery levels, and update device firmware over the air. Provision, deploy, and manage devices at scale across your entire enterprise and make location data available to existing business systems of record through simple APIs.