Modjoul Contact Tracing for Worker Safety

Bringing Employees Back to Work Safely and Responsibly


As businesses open back up after the pandemic, employers are looking for safe, simple, and scalable solutions to help reduce the spread of illness in their facilities. Employers need solutions that not only screen employees safely and efficiently, but also provide them visibility to ensure safety processes are being completed.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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The Modjoul platform provides employers control and transparency to help reduce the spread of illness in their facilities. At the center of the platform is a Readiness Score, when completed by employees, it indicates if they are clear to report to work. Furthermore, contact tracing functionality and wearable device integrations will help slow the spread of illness if an employee becomes ill and automate the data collection process.


The Modjoul platform can help employers screen their employees getting them to work and pinpoint user interactions to help keep illnesses from spreading.

  • Efficient Check-In Process - QR code screening process for employees and employers eliminates employees standing in line and improves efficiencies.
  • Contact Tracing - Modjoul user movements and interactions with other Modjoul users are continuously logged, eliminating the need for a user to remember who they’ve come in contact with. 
  • Employee Census - Employer uploads their census and the status of each employee’s check-in is stored in the cloud for the employer to access.
  • Wearable Integrations - Modjoul wearable devices will automate the data collection process and provide objective data to reduce illnesses from spreading in the workplace.


Readiness Score
At the center of the Modjoul platform is a Readiness Score. Employees are asked three questions that are based on the CDC recommendations: 1.How are you feeling? 2.What are your symptoms? 3.What is your temperature? From these answers, the Readiness Score is calculated, providing employees an indication if they are clear to report to work as well as a QR code for check-in.

Contact Tracing
The concept of contact tracing has been used to slow the spread of illnesses for years. It begins when a health official hears about an infected person and checks in with them to find out who they’ve been in contact with and where they’ve been. Applying this concept in todays digital age, personal technology like cellphones and wearables can be utilized to passively facilitate contact tracing. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Modjoul’s wearables and mobile applications can pinpoint which users have come in contact with each other.