Complete your AWS projects faster with help from AWS Certified third-party experts

AWS IQ enables customers to quickly find, engage, and pay AWS Certified third-party experts for on-demand project work. Experts on AWS IQ can help you get projects started and completed faster by offering hands-on help for a wide range of projects, such as choosing the best architecture for your workload, automating the deployment of your infrastructure, migrating to AWS, or optimizing your AWS spend.

Complete Your Projects Faster with Help from AWS Certified Third-Party Experts (1:42)


Find AWS Certified Experts

Easily find AWS Certified experts without having to search across multiple forums or freelancer services. AWS Certified experts have completed at least one AWS Certification thus you can be confident of your chosen expert’s AWS skills and knowledge. Review each expert’s profile, as well as ratings and reviews from their other projects.

Secure Collaboration

You can grant experts permissions to your AWS account for hands-on assistance. Access privileges are scoped to the needs of the project. You can review your expert’s activity within your account and are able to revoke access at any point.

Simple Project Management

As experts complete project milestones, it is easy to review your expert’s payment requests, and pay experts using your AWS account. Your AWS IQ project cost will simply be another line item on your AWS bill.

How it works


Use cases

Learn About AWS

Talk to an expert about what AWS services would be best to achieve your goals. For example, have an expert show you which AWS analytics service would be the best fit for your dataset and works within your budget.

Plan Your AWS Project

Get guidance on how to start and optimize your AWS projects from the beginning. For example, have an expert determine the best architecture for your use-case in order to best achieve the cost savings possible for your data warehouse.

Set Up AWS Services

Have an expert provide hands-on assistance getting your project started. For example, work with an AWS Certified expert to set up Amazon Cognito to enhance the security of the mobile apps that you are building.

Migrate To AWS

Work with an AWS Certified expert who can help you determine how to best migrate your workloads to AWS. For example, migrate your legacy databases to AWS RDS for better scale and easier administration.

Estimate & Optimize Your AWS Spend

Understand how to estimate what your AWS projects might cost while learning best practices for cost optimization. For example, work with an expert to right-size your instances, plan the use of Reserve Instances to save money over time, and determine when it makes sense to maximize costs savings with Amazon EC2 Spot.

Build An Application

Get started actually building your applications on AWS in order to create value for your business. For example, work with an AWS Certified expert to build your website on AWS Lightsail.

Case studies


With more than 15 million users, Anaconda provides a popular data science platform and the foundation of modern machine learning. Anaconda Enterprise delivers data science and machine learning at speed and scale, unleashing the full potential of our customers’ data science and machine learning initiatives.

“Through AWS IQ, we found several experts with years of experience in AWS architecture. We were able to evaluate several experts’ project proposals, compare costs, and select the most appropriate expert for our project. After a successful first consultative engagement, we decided to have the expert implement the recommendations directly within our AWS account. AWS IQ shaved weeks off this high priority project and allowed us to deliver value for our customers sooner.”

- Scott Collison – President and Chief Executive Officer, Anaconda


Empowered to Run

Empowered to Run trains thoughtful leaders everywhere to run for office successfully and govern effectively. The nonprofit is developing scalable online tools to guide candidates for the 520,000+ state and local offices nationwide.

"As a civic tech startup, we need to bootstrap robust, efficient tools – and to build them, we need to be able to tap experts quickly and inexpensively. We used AWS IQ to connect with four friendly AWS-Certified architects and developers in a matter of hours to solve a critical challenge we've been wrestling with. Within a few more hours, we were kicking off a defined and scoped project, within budget, plugging an expert directly into our development environment with just a few clicks.”

- Dr. Steven Sinha – CEO, Empowered to Run

Get started now

Post a request

  • Let experts know what you need 
  • Chat or video conference with Certified experts to find the one best suited for your project 
  • Get expert proposals for fixed bid work

Get work done

  • Grant experts temporary access to specific areas of your account. Access can be revoked at any time and expires when a project is completed 
  • Communicate with experts at any time via chat or video 
  • View real time logs of all activity completed in your account

Easily pay for completed work

  • Review and approve project proposals before any work begins
  • Approve payments at set milestones or after a project is completed
  • Pay directly through your AWS account