AWS IQ Customer FAQ

How does AWS IQ work?

You describe your specific question or request for project help, get responses from experts, and choose the expert with the skills and experience you require. You then agree to a written proposal with the expert with a maximum budget. As work is delivered, your expert will send you payment requests as agreed in the proposal. Once you approve these payment requests, the associated charges will appear on your AWS bill.

Why and when would I use AWS IQ?

AWS IQ enables you to find and engage experts on AWS with little time or effort. All experts on AWS IQ are AWS Certified, and must maintain a high success rate. There is no cost to post a request and you only pay as work is completed. You should consider using AWS IQ when you need help getting started with AWS, kick starting a new project, or completing an existing project.

What can AWS IQ be used for?

AWS IQ can be used to implement a broad range of projects such as deploying business and web applications, setting up cloud storage solutions, migrating databases, and developing machine learning applications. You can use AWS IQ to undertake projects from end to end or just to supplement the skills and people in your organization today.

Who is AWS IQ available to?

AWS IQ is available to AWS customers worldwide (except for China). You can sign up for an AWS account here. Note: currently, AWS IQ experts are based in the United States only. We are working on allowing experts from other regions.

Who are the experts participating in AWS IQ?

Experts include freelancers and employees of APN Partners, with at least one AWS Certification (Associate, Professional, Specialty). All experts have a profile showing their bio, AWS Certifications, and ratings and reviews. They must all maintain a high rate of successful projects and at least one active AWS Certification of Associate, Specialty or Professional to continue to participate in AWS IQ. Learn more at

How do I access AWS IQ?

On AWS IQ, you can engage AWS Certified experts to get meaningful work done in your AWS account. Since this can involve granting temporary access to your AWS environment and payment through your AWS account, you need to sign-in with appropriate account permissions. If you are already an administrator on your account, then you should be all set. If not, you will need to set up an IAM user with the IAMFullAccess and AWSIQFullAccess managed policies before you can sign-in to AWS IQ.

To log in to AWS IQ, please visit:

For additional information about IAM users and managed policies, please see visit IAM documentation.

What is the cost to use AWS IQ as an AWS customer?

There are no upfront commitments required to use AWS IQ, and you pay for completed project milestones through your AWS account. When you request project help on AWS IQ, experts will propose a project scope and price. You and the expert will agree on a fixed price for the project and the cost will not exceed that price. When the project is complete, you pay the price agreed in advance for a project, plus a 3% AWS IQ fee and applicable taxes. Learn more about AWS IQ pricing.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Visit the AWS Support Center and choose ‘AWS IQ’ in the Service dropdown menu.

How do I pay my expert?

After project work is delivered, you will be asked to approve a payment request. Once you approve the payment, a charge being added to your AWS bill. It will appear under AWS Marketplace > Professional services provided by AWS IQ expert (sold by [provider’s name]).

What if something goes wrong or I am not happy with my paid consultation or the expert’s work?

If an expert requests payment for work that is incomplete or has errors, you may decline their payment request and ask that they resolve the issue.

Do I need to prepay for AWS IQ?

No, you pay after your expert hits pre-determined milestones and project deliverables.

What currencies does AWS IQ support?

All payments are in US Dollars.

What if an expert on AWS IQ wants me to pay them directly?

Direct payments are not allowed. If an AWS IQ expert asks you to pay them directly, please let us know by contacting AWS Support.

As an AWS customer, do I need to issue tax reporting form (e.g. Form 1099) to my expert?

You are not responsible for tax reporting to your AWS IQ expert on their earnings. AWS serves as a third-party settlement organization and processes payments and transactions between AWS customers and experts. AWS is responsible for soliciting any necessary tax documentation from experts and reporting income earned by experts on either Form 1099-K.

How do AWS IQ requests work?

Once the expert understands your needs, they will submit a proposal for you to review. The proposal will describe the work the expert will deliver, and a maximum amount they will charge you for it. Upon completion of the project, or at preset milestones set during the agreement, the expert will submit one or more payment requests. The total of the approved payment requests will never exceed the proposal’s maximum agreed amount (plus the 3% AWS IQ fee and applicable taxes). You have ten (10) days to approve or decline a payment request. If you do not decline the payment request in ten (10) days, the request is automatically approved and your AWS account is charged. Upon processing of the final payment, the project will be marked as completed.

Do you support fixed price and hourly project agreements?

At this time, AWS IQ projects are fixed price only. You and your expert will agree upfront to a scope of work and price for the project.

Can I cancel a project?

You may ask your expert to stop work on a project at any time, at which point your expert is required to immediately stop work and prepare a final bill for any work they have already completed, in accordance to your agreement with them.

What if there are no experts available to help me now?

AWS IQ is open for making requests 24 x 7, but the number of experts available varies through the day. Once you have posted a request, you will be notified of any responses and you can return to AWS IQ at any time to check for responses.

How do I submit a review?

Once you make your final payment to an expert, you are asked to provide a rating and share feedback on the service you received.

Can I grant an expert access to my AWS account?

You can choose to grant an expert access to your AWS account to complete agreed upon projects. You may revoke access at any time. While the expert is working within your AWS account, you can monitor their activity and revoke access if you notice activity that falls outside of the expert's agreed upon scope of work. Since you are responsible for the actions of experts in your account, it is important that you carefully monitor expert activities in your account.

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