AWS IQ Customer Features

On-demand access to trusted experts

Quickly find AWS Certified experts who can help you complete projects faster and capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing. You can review each expert’s AWS Certifications, professional experience, and ratings and reviews.

Secure collaboration workspace

You can collaborate with your expert via chat and video conference within AWS IQ. All communications are encrypted to protect your data and confidentiality.

Secure permissions to your account

You can grant experts temporary access to your AWS account for hands-on assistance with projects. The expert you work with can request time-bound access to your account for one of the nine AWS Managed Policies for Job Functions (e.g. Administrator, Data Scientist, and Security Auditor). These policies have clear descriptions and follow security best-practices. All activity by the expert will be logged in your AWS account. When a project is completed, AWS IQ will automatically revoke the expert's access to your account. You can also revoke an expert's access at any time.

Integrated project management and payment

Once the expert marks the milestone or project complete, you can approve requests for payment, and pay directly through your AWS account, eliminating the need to separately manage these tasks.

Connect with AWS experts on AWS IQ

Connect with AWS Certified third-party experts, get work done, and pay through AWS billing