AWS IQ Customer Pricing

With AWS IQ, you can post a request with no upfront commitments, and you pay for completed project milestones through your AWS account. The expert fee will never exceed the price agreed to in the proposal plus a 3% AWS IQ fee (and applicable taxes). Experts request payment after they reach pre-determined milestones or complete the project.

Connect with experts on AWS IQ

Connect with AWS Certified third-party experts, get work done, and pay through AWS billing

Pricing example

After you submit a request, an expert will submit a proposal for the project. You will approve the proposal before the expert begins any work. Experts can request payment when project milestones are reached or when the project is completed. Your total price will not exceed the proposal amount plus the 3% AWS IQ fee and applicable taxes. For example, a project with a fixed bid of $1,000 would look as follows:

Payment request: $1,000

AWS IQ fee (3%): $30

Total charge: $1,030

Get started now

Post a request

  • Let AWS IQ experts know what you need 
  • Chat or video conference with AWS Certified experts to find the one best suited for your project  
  • Get expert proposals for fixed bid work

Get work done

  • Grant experts temporary access to specific areas of your account. Access can be revoked at any time and expires when a project is completed 
  • Communicate with experts at any time via chat or video  
  • View real time logs of all activity completed in your account

Easily pay for completed work

  • Approve payments at set milestones or after a project is completed 
  • Payments will be added directly to your AWS bill 
  • Pay an expert’s rate plus a 3% service fee