AWS Communication Developer Services

Embed scalable, cost effective AWS communication services directly into your applications
AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) are a set of SDKs and APIs that allow developers to embed customer communications directly into their applications. Developers use AWS CDS to improve communication with their customers across different use cases, including application-to-person (A2P) communications, asynchronous communications, and real-time communications. AWS CDS supports channels like email, SMS, push notifications, chat, audio, video, and voice over the PSTN. Send messages to your customers with the scale of AWS and pay only for what you use.
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Use Cases


These communications include trigger-based messages such as order confirmations, appointment reminders, and more. They can either be initiated through your application or sent directly through the scalable and global AWS network.


Two-way conversations help build a relationship with your customer. These communications can include a chat bot or person-to-person communications over channels including SMS or chat.

Real-time communications

Customers no longer have to leave your app to join a meeting or communicate with your teams. Using CDS, you can embed real-time media such as video or audio directly into an application. Real-time communications can become just another feature of your app.


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Get Started by Use Case

Application-to-person communications

Learn how to get started with communications sent directly from your application through AWS Communication Developer Services.

Asynchronous communications

Learn how to get started with AWS SDKs and APIs to enable two-way communications between you and your customers.

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