Consulting Partners



890 by Capgemini provides a seamless experience to deliver data-powered decisions with confidence. Through AWS Data Exchange, 890 by Capgemini users can efficiently access thousands of trusted and curated third-party data for enterprise-wide analytics.


Deloitte ConvergeHEALTH Miner

Collaborating with AWS Data Exchange to build an efficient, robust, and secure health care data ecosystem, Deloitte can help your organization realize the value of your health care data. Its suite of services can help you curate your real-world data sources and enable you to share data in a secure and responsible way.



Rearc leverages AWS Data Exchange to offers data providers managed services for publishing and maintaining data products. Rearc helps data subscribers acquire datasets and build cloud-native data processing pipelines to attain business insights.

Technology Partners


BattleFin Group Inc.

BattleFin is a technology company focused on bringing alternative data to the world. Its data wranglers and alpha seekers can help you use Ensemble to answer questions through thousands of datasets available to help you make better decisions.


Crux Informatics, Inc.

Crux offers a managed data engineering service that helps companies scale critical data delivery, operations, and transformation tasks. The cloud-based platform accelerates the flow of data between consumers and suppliers, ensuring you get reliable analytics-ready data.



Demyst’s platform and External-Data-as-a-Service (EDaaS) team are well-versed in the nuances of external data integrations and regularly help banks, lenders, and insurance carriers get data workflows out of the lab and into production.


Domo, Inc.

Domo’s Business Cloud empowers organizations with business intelligence leverage to identify and act on strategic opportunities in real-time. With Domo, anyone in the organization can securely access, consume, and interact with data they need to optimize business performance.



NorthGravity's platform fuels data-driven decisions across organizations, and the adoption of machine learning to outpace competition. The platform includes a cloud data warehouse, ETL, dataflow automation, self-service ML, and data governance.



Trifacta is a leading self-service data preparation application optimized for AWS. It offers a unique way to solve challenging and time-consuming aspects of any data project, like data preparation. Customers leverage Trifacta to make sense of their Big Data and improve their analytic applications.

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