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Follow step-by-step instructions to learn all about the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK)


In this guide, we will take you through setting up and configuring the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) on your workstation, and getting you up and running to create your first AWS resources with Infrastructure as Code. 

AWS CDK is an open source software development framework that allows you to define your cloud application resources using familiar programming languages, like JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java, and C#. The code you write gets transpiled into CloudFormation (CFN) templates, and creates the infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation.

What you will accomplish

In this tutorial, you will:

  • Install and configure the AWS CDK CLI
  • Create your first CDK project
  • Deploy your first infrastructure


Before starting this guide, you will need:

 AWS experience


 Time to complete

35 minutes

 Cost to complete

Free Tier eligible


  • AWS account with administrator-level access**
  • Recommended browser: The latest version of Chrome or Firefox

[**]Accounts created within the past 24 hours might not yet have access to the services required for this tutorial.

 Last updated

August 15, 2022


This tutorial is divided into the following short modules. You must complete each module before moving to the next one.

  1. Understanding CDK requirements (5 minutes): Understand what is needed to run CDK on your workstation.
  2. Installing the CDK CLI (5 minutes): Install and configure the AWS CDK CLI on your workstation and on AWS Cloud9.
  3. Creating your first CDK project (25 minutes): Initialize your first CDK project and deploy your first bit of infrastructure to AWS.

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Understand CDK Requirements