AWS IoT Resources

AWS IoT provides the broadest and deepest functionality, multi-layered security, superior integration with AI, proven experience at scale, and transparent pricing. Explore resources below to help you get the most out of AWS IoT. You can also visit the AWS Architecture Center to see more best practices.

AWS re:Invent 2020: Connect today, transform tomorrow with AWS IoT

Video Resources

White papers, blogs, tech docs, and more

Additional resources

IoT Customer Stories

Learn why our global customers, from emerging start-ups to large enterprises, choose AWS IoT.

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IoT Solution Repository

Explore ready-built solutions, tutorials, and reference architectures to help you quickly get started addressing the most common IoT use cases across industries.

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AWS Tech Talks

See live and on-demand AWS Online Tech Talks that cover a range of topics and expertise levels, and feature technical deep dives, demonstrations, customer examples, and live Q&A with AWS experts.

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IoT All The Things on Twitch

Watch the unapologetically technical livestream showcasing how we go all in with our customers for IoT innovation.

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Training & Certification

Learn from AWS experts, advance your skills, and build your future in the AWS Cloud.

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