Amazon Lex Automated Chatbot Designer

Accelerate conversation design

Amazon Lex Automated chatbot designer helps you design chatbots using existing conversation transcripts in hours rather than weeks. Using machine learning (ML), it can analyze thousands of lines of transcripts in a couple of hours and provide an initial bot design that includes common intents and the information needed to fulfill them. You can iterate on the bot design to deliver effective conversational experiences.

Designing conversational interfaces or chatbots is manual, time consuming, and prone to human errors. Developers often spend hundreds of hours analyzing transcripts and gathering the key information needed to design chatbots. With the automated chatbot designer, you can offload the analysis of conversation transcripts to Amazon Lex and accelerate the design of your chatbots, reduce errors, and improve your customer experience.

Automated chatbot designer is free for two hours of training time per month for first two months with AWS free tier.


Reduce manual effort

Analyze thousands of lines of transcripts to discover intents and compile a list of information required to fulfill them, reducing manual effort in conversation design.

Expedite conversation design

Automatically surface an initial bot design that you can then refine to launch conversational experiences faster.

Improve customer experience

Help your bot understand customers better by minimizing ambiguity between intents. Ensure that intents are well defined and well separated to avoid frustration and improve customer experience.

How it works

Use cases

Build chatbots for Amazon Connect

Use your Contact Lens for Amazon Connect conversation transcripts to design new chatbots and voice bots in hours rather than weeks.

Migrate from legacy IVR

Automate discovery of intents and expedite migrations from legacy interactive voice response (IVR) to conversational artificial intelligence (CAI).

Create new conversational experiences

Create self-service conversational experiences for channels such as websites, messaging platforms (like Facebook Messenger), and contact centers.




“Affirm has built our technology from the ground up and we utilize the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud-based technologies to deliver value to both sides of our network. There are ample insights from call center transcripts that can be used to deliver superior service, resolve requests faster and drive efficiencies. With AWS’ Amazon Lex automated chatbot designer, we are excited to further improve the customer experience by optimizing Affirm’s self-service capabilities.”

Katrina Holt, Senior Vice President, Operations - Affirm



“We specialize in building solutions grounded in data that transform and improve the customer journey across any use case in the contact center. We often analyze large amounts of conversational data to chart the optimal conversational experience for our clients. With the automated chatbot design feature of Amazon Lex, we can identify different paths in calls quickly based on the conversational data. The automated discovery accelerates our time-to-market across our client engagements and helps us deliver better customer experiences. We are excited to partner with AWS and help organizations transform their businesses with AI-powered experiences.”

Dennis Thomas, CTO - NeuraFlash

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