The AWS Marketplace Metering Service provides support for buying software along new pricing dimensions that are intended to better match the value you receive from software you use. These new dimensions include pricing by user, by host or by data.

With these new pricing dimensions, you can scale your software usage up or down without modifying your EC2 Instance and still pay through your AWS Marketplace bill. When your usage changes, the price you pay per hour changes. This means you only pay for the amount of software you need to operate your workloads. All usage will still be calculated at the end of the month, along with other AWS usage, and added to your existing AWS bill. This is a new level of flexibility in consumption based pricing.

Over the coming months, we anticipate dozens of our top sellers will make the minor changes to their products offered in AWS Marketplace to use our new flexible metering capability. We are pleased at launch to have worked with four vendors who moved to exploit our innovation and be ready with our software capability in AWS Marketplace: Aspera, Chef, SoftNAS, and Trend Micro. Learn more by exploring their products below.


Aspera faspex on Demand is a solution for high-speed, global person-to-person file delivery and exchange of large files and directories of any size sent as digital packages. The simple web interface and email-style workflow make it easy for individuals and teams to quickly send and receive huge GB size files and folders over global distances hundreds of times faster using Aspera’s unrivaled FASP technology. It includes web-based user management, access control, notification options and storage configuration as well as several convenient add-on client options.

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The official Chef Server AMI lets you automate your infrastructure, manage scale and complexity, and gain a deep understanding of your infrastructure. This AMI is preconfigured with Chef Server as well as the following premium features: Chef Analytics, the Chef management console, and Chef reporting. You can enable these features with a single click. You'll be billed through your AWS account, based on number of nodes you are managing with Chef Server.

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Chef Compliance enables you to scan your entire infrastructure for security risks and compliance issues, get reports on risks and issues classified by severity and impact levels and build automated testing into your deployment pipelines. Chef Compliance includes pre-built profiles that scan for CIS benchmarks on Linux and Windows to help you get started quickly. Use of Chef Server is optional but is strongly recommended to enable automatic remediation and continuous audit capabilities for any vulnerabilities detected. Chef Compliance may be used in tandem with other products in the Chef platform to build security into your DevOps workflow by testing for compliance as part of your software continuous deployment pipeline. You'll be billed through your AWS account, based on number of nodes you are managing with Chef Compliance.

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SoftNAS Cloud NAS (consumption) is a leading cloud NAS on AWS Marketplace. It extends native AWS storage (EBS, S3) to create an enterprise-class, full-featured cloud NAS filer (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, AFP). Safely migrate mission-critical applications to the AWS cloud without a physical storage appliance in minutes without specialized training. High-Availability is included at no extra cost for AWS users who deploy the two requisite instances. With SoftNAS Cloud NAS consumption pricing, you only pay for what you use.

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Get proactive protection starting at only $0.01/hour for your EC2 workloads with Trend Micro Deep Security. Prevent network attacks with intrusion detection & prevention (IDS/IPS); virtually patch live systems without downtime; keep malware off Windows and Linux workloads, uncover suspicious changes, accelerate compliance and simplify security management - all with one product. Trend Micro Deep Security secures more workloads globally than anyone else and has deep integration with AWS to ensure security can automatically scale with your EC2 instances. As your environment scales, you only pay for the number of instances protected each hour.

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If you have a seller in Marketplace whose software you would like to support this new flexible metering, please let us know, and we will pass that interest and feedback back on to the seller.