Businesses of all types are continuously pursuing innovative ways to achieve better results and proactively improve their customer experience. Deep Learning is an avenue to consider, and for it to be successful choose a framework that provides:

  • Scalability. You should be able to scale from one to many graphics processing units (GPUs), across multiple hosts to train larger, more intelligent models with larger, more sophisticated datasets.
  • Speed up software development. Deep Learning allows the opportunity to use languages they are already familiar with, so that they can quickly build new models and update existing ones.
  • Portability and flexibility. Deep learning models have to run on a broad range of devices and platforms, and in many locations, from laptops to server farms.
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ADAPA Decision Engine

ADAPA is a predictive analytics decision engine based on the PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) standard. With ADAPA, deploy one or many predictive models from data mining tools like R, Python, KNIME, SAS, SPSS, SAP, FICO and many others. Score your data in real-time using Web-Services, or use ADAPA in batch mode for Big Data scoring directly from your local file system or an Amazon S3 bucket. As a central solution for today's data-rich environments, ADAPA delivers precise insights into customer behavior and sensor information. for AWS brings your BI environment to the next level, from Descriptive to Predictive Analytics. It empowers analysts to understand customer behaviors and to predict their intentions in minutes, not months, without data science skills. for AWS answers questions such as: What explains your NPS? What drives your customer claims? Why are your customers dissatisfied and who are they? It helps you to understand which customers are likely to take a specific product or to churn, and why.

Bitfusion Boost Ubuntu 14 Caffe

Ubuntu 14 AMI pre-installed with Nvidia Drivers, Cuda 7.5 Toolkit, cuDNN 5.1, Caffe, pyCaffe, Python 2 & 3 support, Enum34, h5py, Matplotlib, NumPy, Pandas, PyCuda, PyDot, SciPy, SymPy, GpuStat, and Jupyter to leverage Nvidia GRID instances. Designed for developers as well as those eager to get started with the Caffe Deep Learning Framework. Caffe demos are pre-installed to show the utilization of GPUs and CPUs. Develop interactive Caffe scripts via python directly from your browser via the pre-installed Jupyter Notebook application. Get started with Caffe quickly without worrying about installation and setup.

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