Now you can review key performance indicators with Self-Service Reporting solutions on AWS Marketplace.

  • Self-Service Reporting. Most self-service reporting starts out as an ad-hoc experience: a series of experiments with the analytics tool to find the right combination of data sources, columns, and queries that present the data being sought.

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Business users today expect intuitive visual analytics in applications and business processes, Zoomdata is the only platform delivering that experience on a modern, distributed architecture. Zoomdata's Redshift Smart Connector leverages micro-queries to deliver an interactive, big data experience for both historical and real time data streams.

Looker Analytics Platform

Looker for AWS allows anyone in your business to quickly analyze and find insights in your Redshift and RDS datasets. By connecting directly to your AWS instance, Looker opens up access to high-resolution data for detailed exploration and collaborative discovery, building the foundation for a truly data-driven organization. To help you get started quickly, the Looker for AWS license includes implementation services from our team of expert analysts.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server for AWS is browser and mobile-based visual analytics anyone can use. Publish interactive dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them throughout your organization. Embedded or as a stand-alone application, you can empower your business to find answers in minutes, not months. By deploying on the AWS Marketplace you can stand-up a perfectly sized instance for your Tableau Server with just a few clicks.

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