Alscient Uses AI and Machine Learning to Deliver Personalized Experiences to Primary ICT Customers

Executive Summary

Since 2006, Primary ICT has delivered IT services to schools and local authorities in the United Kingdom. Primary ICT needed a cloud phone solution that worked with its Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) system. When the COVID-19 pandemic required staff to work from home, Amazon Connect offered a solution that could be implemented quickly. Primary ICT worked with AWS Partner Alscient to deliver its solution. Today, Primary ICT agents leverage intelligent call-routing and machine learning to optimize customer engagement.

Meeting High Call Volume in Uncertain Times

Primary ICT’s contact center is staffed by a team of ten agents. In any given month, its agents field more than 1,000 support calls. As contact center agents respond to a variety of IT tickets, the triage process is critical to delivering excellent customer service. However, the company’s legacy phone solution was incompatible with Salesforce, creating an obstacle for agents who needed to access customer records and call history in real time.

Although Primary ICT was exploring a cloud-based solution that was compatible with Salesforce, a sudden transition to remote work expedited its timeline. With contact center agents working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team’s IT leadership prioritized a solution that:

  • Was simplified and could be implemented quickly
  • Allowed contact center agents to connect their PC and headphones to a console to field calls from home during the pandemic
  • Enabled real-time triage and case-management in Salesforce

Selecting a Platform for the Future

Before Primary ICT’s staff transitioned to a remote work environment, contact center agents relied upon a phone system that required agents to be present at their workspace. To meet the changing demands of a remote work environment, Primary ICT quickly pursued an AWS Cloud-based solution that offered true omnichannel communication that supported calls, email, chat, and web through a centralized platform.

During the evaluation process, Primary ICT prioritized a solution that would deliver value beyond communications. To optimize the customer experience, the team wanted a solution that offered data and analytics capabilities to deliver intelligent insights, next-best actions,  and more.

Primary ICT considered several vendors to deliver an implementation and ultimately selected Alscient, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with a history of delivering solutions to complex technology challenges.

Selecting a Partner to Deliver Added Value

Alscient prides itself on a customer-centric approach that seeks to understand customer needs and develop timely, thoughtful solutions. During its discovery process, Alscient worked with Primary ICT to understand the scope of its business, customers, and challenges. Alscient consultants are certified in AWS and Salesforce delivery, which positioned its consultants to extract additional value from Amazon Connect when integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice convenes phone, digital channels, and CRM in one place for the agent. They can then access call history, customer interactions across channels, and customer data in their Salesforce CRM. The cloud-based platform is natively integrated inside of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.

James Watson, Managing Director at Primary ICT noted, “Alscient mobilized a team very quickly. They were professional throughout and clearly demonstrated their knowledge of both AWS and Salesforce. The solution puts us in a great position to be able to effectively deal with the varied queries we get from our customer base and sets us up well for the future.”

About Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice enables you to provide a great phone experience to customers, no matter where your agents take calls. With Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, telephony is merged with Salesforce CRM—giving agents and supervisors enhanced visibility across all channels. The service is driven by AI insights and accessed through an intuitive console.

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Creating an Intelligent Triage Solution Leveraging AWS Capabilities

The circumstances surrounding Primary ICT's migration required a quick implementation. Prior to implementing the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice solution with Amazon Connect natively integrated, the Primary ICT team had not yet considered AWS.

Amazon Connect streamlines the call routing process, transcribing calls in real-time and providing direct access to call recordings in Salesforce. Amazon Connect offers direct access to call transcriptions and recordings within the Salesforce console. It also offers a true omnichannel experience across all channels, giving Primary ICT the ability to optimize customer engagements based on CRM data.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enables greater customer engagement through personalized experiences. Using AWS Lambda, an event-driven serverless computing service, Primary ICT was able to perform data dips into Salesforce to route calls to agents based on geography and customer type. Additionally, Amazon Lex provided an intuitive interactive voice response (IVR) experience with Amazon Polly handling text-to-speech, all within Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.

“The IVR flows within Amazon Connect were very simple to set up and provide us with a great deal of flexibility in meeting our needs as they evolve over time.”

- James Watson, Managing Director, Primary ICT

Planning a Path Forward, Together with AWS and Salesforce

Primary ICT wanted an intelligent solution that maximized the value of its Salesforce investment, but working with Alscient uncovered additional wide-ranging possibilities offered by AWS. The potential of its initial AWS investment opened the door to additional services within the contact center as well as other areas of the business.

Moving forward, Primary ICT plans to deepen its investment in AI/ML to enable more personalized customer experiences. To monitor quality assurance and continuously improve customer engagements, the contact center plans to monitor sentiment analysis through Contact Lens for Amazon Connect.

As a provider of IT services, Primary ICT’s DevOps team has also expressed interest in migrating its code releases to AWS through AWS CodeCommitLooking to the future, Watson shared, “Alscient has really opened our eyes to the wider possibilities offered by AWS and the foundations to launch other initiatives.”

Primary ICT Support

About the Customer

Since 2006, Primary ICT has delivered IT services to schools and local authorities in the United Kingdom. The company’s managed service IT offering ensures its customers have the best technologies available to create an efficient and sustainable network. As a frontline IT service provider, Primary ICT responds quickly and efficiently to the day-to-day technology challenges that arise for its customers in the education and healthcare industries.

About the Partner

Alscient delivers solutions across all sectors and technologies, but focuses on the best technologies available. This includes AWS and Salesforce platforms as well as the latest standards and best practices including agile, DevOps, and ITIL. Alscient consultants are all certified and experienced employees located throughout the UK. Alscient prides themselves on providing innovative, great-value solutions and most of all, customer satisfaction.

Published March 2021