AWS Well-Architected Partner Program

The Well-Architected Framework has been developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications. The Framework provides a consistent approach for customers and partners to evaluate architectures and implement designs that will scale over time. 


About the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program

The AWS Well-Architected Partner Program trains AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners on how to perform Well-Architected workload reviews. The Program is designed to enable you to help AWS customers establish good architectural habits, eliminate risk, and respond faster to changes that affect designs, applications, and workloads. Well-Architected Partners will gain the expertise needed to build high quality solutions, implement best practices, check the state of workloads, and make improvements when and where AWS customers need assistance.


Want to learn more about the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program? Join our webinar every Monday to learn more and get your questions answered about the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program. 

2019 Q3 Well-Architected Partner Update Meeting

Please join us on August 1st, 2019 for this one-hour meeting. During this session we will provide updates to the program and also use this opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Attendance is reserved for current members of the Well-Architected Partner Program.

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AWS Well-Architected Partner Program Benefits


Learn AWS Best Practices

APN Partners integrating the AWS Well-Architected Framework into their businesses can learn how to design and optimize workloads based on AWS best practices.


Improve Customer Experience

AWS Well-Architected Partners are able to build trust across sales, delivery, and operations, leading to better AWS customer outcomes and relationships.


Leverage More Opportunities

AWS Well-Architected Partners use their hands-on experience with the framework to stay engaged with existing customers and acquire new customers. Over 70% of partner-led reviews ended in additional workload improvements after the AWS Well-Architected review. 

AWS Well-Architected Partner Program Requirements

APN Consulting Partners can qualify for the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program by having a strong overall AWS practice, dedicating Certified Solutions Architects (Professional Level) to training to demonstrate technical readiness, and integrating Well-Architected best practices into their practice.

See how to get started for the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program below: 

1) Satisfy APN Tier Requirements

APN Partners in the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program must be Advanced or Premier tier. To see the requirements for Advanced Tier, click here.

*Select Tier (formerly Standard Tier) APN Partners may apply if they can meet all other program requirements as noted below.

2) Satisfy AWS Well-Architected Partner Program Requirements

APN Partners in the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program must be able to commit to the following program requirements below: 

Executive Sponsor: All APN Partners in the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program must commit to having an executive sponsor who will be responsible for integrating Well-Architected into the business (Delivery and Operations). This includes integration into: pre-sales, delivery (advisory, architects, developers, operations), and managed services. 

Minimum reviews per region: All AWS Well-Architected Partners must commit to completing four reviews per quarter in each region that they are conducting Well-Architected Reviews. 

Minimum of two Well-Architected Leads: Two leads must be AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional, and complete the AWS Well-Architected Partner Bootcamp training in order to deliver and lead AWS Well-Architected reviews and workload improvements. Leads are required to deliver a minimum of two reviews per quarter per region. 

3) Attend AWS Well-Architected Trainings

All APN Partners who are interested in the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program must complete a series of training before conducting AWS Well-Architected reviews. These include:

AWS Well-Architected Overview: The AWS Well-Architected Overview webinar educates APN Partners about the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program. If an APN Partner is interested in participating in this program after this overview, the next step is to schedule an executive sponsor call with your Partner Development Manager.

Executive Sponsorship Call: This call is to discuss the initiative, goals, and objectives of the executive sponsor, and to answer any questions related to the program at the business level.

Sales and Operations Onboarding:This training is intended to train Partners who have executive buy-in and are interested in integrating the AWS Well-Architected Framework into their business.

Technical Bootcamp: This training is for AWS Certified Solutions Architects- Professional to be trained on how to conduct AWS Well-Architected reviews for a customer. This all day workshop dives into how to engage with a customer, leverage AWS Well-Architected best practices, and evaluation of the customer's workloads.

4) Start Conducting and Reporting on Well-Architected Reviews

After the technical bootcamp training, APN Partners will be provided AWS Well-Architected Partner Program Material, giving them everything they need to fully integrate AWS Well-Architected Practices into their business.

APN Partners will be ready to start conducting these reviews for customers, and start performing workload improvements for customers based on findings from the AWS Well-Architected Reviews.

Once APN Partners have conducted and reported on a minimum of 4 reviews, they will officially be in the program. APN Partners who conduct 4 reviews per quarter will remain in the program. APN Partners in good standing will benefit from Marketing Development Funding (MDF) and GTM support.