How can I add more members to my Managed Blockchain network from my account or a different account?

Last updated: 2020-04-29

I want to invite members, from my account or a different AWS account, to my Amazon Managed Blockchain network.


If you haven't already, create the Managed Blockchain network and at least one member. Then, follow these steps to add additional members from your account or a different account:

  1. Open the Managed Blockchain console.
  2. From the navigation pane, choose Networks, and then choose the network that you want to invite members to.
  3. Choose the Members tab, and then choose Propose invitation.
  4. For Submit proposal as, choose the member in your account that submits the proposal.
  5. For Specify AWS account(s) to invite to the network, enter an AWS account ID. To invite a member from your account, enter your AWS account ID. To invite a member from a different AWS account, enter the ID of that account.
    Note: You must enter the account number without hyphens. For example, enter "111122223333" instead of "1111-2222-3333."
  6. Choose Create.
  7. On the Proposals tab, under Active, choose the proposal ID link.
  8. In the Vote on proposal section, for Vote as member, choose the member that you want to vote as.
  9. Choose Yes and then choose Confirm to approve the proposal. If your network has multiple members, each member must vote.
  10. From the navigation pane, choose Invitations.
  11. Select the circle next to the network name, and then choose Accept invitation. If you sent an invitation to a different AWS account, that account must accept the invitation.
  12. Enter the new member information, and then choose Create member and join network.

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