Michael shows you how to
modify the running mode of
your WorkSpace

I use my WorkSpace infrequently. How do I use the AutoStop function to put my WorkSpace in suspend mode when I'm not using it?

WorkSpaces can be billed by the month or by the hour, depending on which running mode you choose. To be billed using the monthly model, leave the running mode as AlwaysOn when you launch a new WorkSpace. To be billed using the hourly model, choose AutoStop.

To update the running mode of a currently running WorkSpace, follow the instructions at Modify Running Mode Properties.

Note: Updating the running mode of a WorkSpace from AutoStop to AlwaysOn can result in an overlap in billing between the two billing models. If you plan to transition from AutoStop to AlwaysOn, consider making the change near the end of a month.

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Published: 2017-02-23