How do I troubleshoot a Windows WorkSpace that is marked as Unhealthy?

Last updated: 2019-04-22

My Amazon WorkSpaces Windows WorkSpace is marked as Unhealthy. How can I fix this? 


First, review common causes for an unhealthy WorkSpace, and then follow these steps:

  1. Restart the WorkSpace from the Amazon WorkSpaces console.
  2. Connect to the WorkSpace using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).
  3. Confirm that Windows Firewall and any third party firewall that is running have rules to allow the following ports:
    Inbound TCP on port 4172: Establish the streaming connection.
    Inbound UDP on port 4172: Stream user input.
    Inbound TCP on port 8200: Manage and configure the WorkSpace.
    Outbound UDP on port 55002: PCoIP streaming.
    If your firewall uses stateless filtering, then open ephemeral ports 49152-65535 to allow return communication.
    If your firewall uses stateful filtering, then ephemeral port 55002 is already open.
  4. Rebuild the WorkSpace from the Amazon WorkSpaces console.

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