How do I bring by own Windows desktop license (BYOL) to Amazon WorkSpaces?

Last updated: 2021-03-12

I want to use my Windows desktop license with Amazon WorkSpaces. How can I do that?


If your Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Pro desktop licensing agreement with Microsoft allows it, you can Bring Your Own License (BYOL).


Before you begin, verify that you meet the requirements for BYOL WorkSpaces.

Submit a request to add your account to an allow list for BYOL WorkSpaces

When all requirements are met, your account must be added to an allow list for BYOL WorkSpaces. Contact your Solutions Architect, Technical Account Manager, or AWS Support to provide the following information:

  1. Account name:
  2. AWS account ID:
  3. Premium Support level for the account: [Basic (no paid support), Developer, Business, Enterprise]
  4. Capacity request/Bundle type/Region: [Include the number of WorkSpaces per bundle per Region. Specify how the total number is split across Value, Performance, Power, or Graphics WorkSpaces.]
  5. Technical contact information: Name, email, and phone number (Note: The technical contact must have AWS admin privileges in the AWS account that the virtual machine will import to.)
  6. Are you buying WorkSpaces from a reseller? [Yes/No]
  7. What is your ramp-up plan? For example, how many BYOL WorkSpaces do you plan to create, and what is the ramp up timeline?

The Amazon WorkSpaces team reviews your request, confirms that all requirements are met, and adds the account to the allow list. The team will contact you to confirm when the review is complete.

Activate BYOL

After your account is added to the allow list for BYOL WorkSpaces, you can activate BYOL for your account. For instructions, see Enable BYOL for your account by using the Amazon WorkSpaces console.

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