AWS IoT RoboRunner

Build applications that help robot fleets work together seamlessly

Increase output and reduce operating costs with seamless collaboration between robots from different vendors.

Use a common application architecture to quickly and securely integrate different robot types and vendors with work management systems.

Reduce the complexity of building applications for task orchestration, shared space management, and robot collaboration.

How it works

AWS IoT RoboRunner provides infrastructure for integrating robots with work management systems and building robotics fleet management applications.

Use cases

Enable robot interoperability

Integrate different robot types with a scalable and flexible robotics automation infrastructure that helps you improve operational efficiency.

Optimize robot collaboration

Accelerate material handling processes and operational flow by optimizing robot collaboration and enabling end-to-end process automation.

Manage robots through a single system

Improve automation efficiency by optimizing task allocation across a diverse fleet of robots, adjusting for real-time issues through a single system view. 

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