RStudio on Amazon SageMaker

Fully-managed RStudio integrated development environment (IDE) for data science and machine learning

Easily lift-and-shift your self-managed RStudio Workbench. Bring your current license at no additional charge. You can also bring your current development environment in a custom docker image.

Easily dial up or down Compute on the fly without interrupting your work. Choose from a broad selection of compute-optimized and GPU-accelerated instances.

Unify your Python and R data science teams on SageMaker for closer collaboration. Freely switch between RStudio Workbench and SageMaker Studio IDE without losing context.

RStudio on Amazon SageMaker is the first fully managed cloud-based RStudio Workbench. You can quickly launch the familiar RStudio integrated development environment (IDE), and dial up and down the underlying compute resources without interrupting your work, making it easy to build machine learning (ML) and analytics solutions in R at scale.

How it works

How Amazon SageMaker RStudio works

Key features

Fully managed cloud-based RStudio Workbench

Use pre-configured R packages such as devtools, tidyverse, shiny, and rmarkdown to generate insights, and publish them using RStudio Connect.

Broad selection of elastic compute

Choose right-sized compute resources from a variety of compute optimized and GPU accelerated instance types to meet your data science and ML needs. Dial up and down the underlying compute resources on the fly without interrupting your work. 

Easy lift-and-shift migration

Acquire your new workbench license in AWS Marketplace or import your existing license using AWS License Manager at no additional charge. You can also bring your current RStudio development environment in a custom docker image. Get started with the RStudio Server on an ml.t3.medium SageMaker instance for free.

Built-in security and compliance

Provide a quick start login to your teams using AWS IAM Identity Center (Successor to AWS Single Sign-On) and establish fine grained access controls using AWS Identity and Access Management. Restrict network access to within your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, encrypt all data using AWS Key Management Service, and monitor all your activity and logs using Amazon CloudWatch.

Unify your Python and R data science teams on SageMaker

You can seamlessly switch between the RStudio IDE and SageMaker Studio Notebooks for R and Python development. All your work including code, datasets, repositories, and other artifacts are automatically synchronized between the two environments to reduce context switch and boost productivity.



By unifying both Python and R developers onto a single workbench with Amazon SageMaker’s fully managed RStudio IDE, TransUnion can reduce maintenance overhead, improve the model development efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition with their customers.

Siemens Energy

Siemens is able to reduce the overhead of DIY maintaining RStudio on cloud and improve the model development efficiency for multi-lingual data scientists by having SageMaker Studio and RStudio synced with the same EFS storage system.



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