Siemens Smart Infrastructure Builds Cloud-Native Applications on AWS


Siemens Smart Infrastructure is a Siemens business that works with partners and customers to intelligently connect energy systems, buildings, and industry. The company provides physical products and systems, cloud-based digital offerings, and value-added services. Siemens Smart Infrastructure used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop Building Twin from Siemens, a platform that ingests and presents building-generated data, agnostic of source sensors and systems. AWS Professional Services helped the company create its Building Twin platform using Amazon Neptune as the graph database engine and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for data storage. In this video, Peter Löffler, vice president of Siemens Smart Infrastructure’s Trends and Industry Affairs unit, describes the role AWS plays in supporting Siemens’ development of cloud-native platforms and applications.

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Siemens Smart Infrastructure Builds Cloud-Native Applications on AWS (1:36)

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